We decided to try out one of those "Chinese diesel heaters," very much an anomaly with a cult following. With ample availability (mostly on Ebay) and a seemingly unprecedented number of optional packages the buying process can be a bit overwhelming. I initially thought I chose correctly, but ended up with a 24v heater and had to order a 12v to match my electrical system. (I may have simply been able to swap out the "computer" but documentation on these things make Ikea guides look like instructional design gold and I didn't want to risk it) Despite the error, It still was about 20% the cost of a "German" heater.

There is an intake and exhaust that need access to the external environment so the first thing to do was to identify placement of the heater and drill holes in the floor.

Installation included, the air intake, fuel filter, fuel pump (at a 30 degree angle) and the exhaust.

3M™ Fire Barrier Sealant CP 25WB+ was applied to both cut out holes as well as a layer of Thermo-Tec Adhesive Backed Aluminized Heat Barrier to the exhaust side.

Thermo-Tec heat barrier was also added to the frame along the exhaust route. (That stuff is awesome)

With the first test run I found a fuel leak at the base of the unit as well at the fuel filter. Some better clamps and tightening resolved the issue. Since then it's been running dry. At medium heat it cranks (~200ºF at the source) and had the internal temperature up to 67ºF in about 20 minutes (35ºF outside) Wiring was easy however, when "off," it still draws ~0.05a.

A switch was installed between the unit and the fuse box so that we can shut power going to it when not in use.