Ordered the Driver Side Forward Half-Slider Window from Van Windows Direct. Drilled a pilot hole to help with templating on both sides.

Traced a template, masked the area and taped up some garabge bags to catch the metal shavings.

The jigsaw with a medium metal blade took care of the cut with no issues.

Installed the Trim Lock Edge Molding and then began the labor intensive process of applying the PG2 to the window. Following the guidance of the manufacturer, We placed two beads on the sides and one on the top and bottom. Unfortunately this wasn't enough and after installing the window we found gaps throughout the perimeter. After allowing it to cure we went in from the inside and filled the gaps with additional P2G

The window is in, it feels very solid and, so far, we have found no issues while driving. The slider is a bit tough to open and close though I suspect that will ease over time. Water test found two small leaks at the top. A quick application of sealant in those spots should complete the job.