Project Rebound

Project Rebound is an educational, therapeutic and life skills program serving students in grades 9-12 in Garfield R16, RE2, Aspen & Roaring Fork school districts. The program emphasizes structure and consistency in a more supportive environment, fostering a sense of belonging where students feel safe and respected.

It is the mission of Project Rebound to serve students who are identified with emotional and behavioral challenges, called ED (Emotional Disability) toward high school completion. For some students, experiencing success in the traditional school setting is difficult because the emotional interference can be so severe that it inhibits learning and often the student’s behavior is disruptive to others. With a desire to change, students entering Project Rebound have the opportunity to get back on track, accumulate credits, increase self-esteem and move towards graduating from high school, ensuring a more successful future.

Students work on rebuilding themselves through specialized curriculum involving academics, experiential learning, life skills, service learning, literacy, family coaching, outdoor education, and individual therapeutic support. Project Rebound’s intention is to assist students in making connections both inside and outside the classroom so that students have a greater awareness for life, creating a better understanding for what it means to live with integrity and purpose.

Curriculum aligned to the Co State Standards & 21st Century Skills:

• Academics focused on literacy skills development & CDE Access Skills

• Family-centered, school-based intensive social-emotional programming, including: group counseling, personal & life skills coaching

• Assisting change and improvement for transitions to school & career goals

• Attention to self-improvement and adolescent development

• Outdoor education

• Service learning & vocational training

• Community based apprenticeships

• Arts and technology

How do I apply?

Students must be referred from their home school or the student's IEP team.

Please contact your student's home school district, Special Education Director, or call our school Registrar at 945-9463 x100, and ask for the Rebound Counselor if you need further assistance