Project Rebound

The Project Rebound Affective Needs Mission: is dedicated to providing a safe and supportive learning environment for students who may face emotional or behavioral challenges. Our mission is to help these students overcome barriers to success and develop the skills they need to achieve their full potential and graduate high school. Through personalized support, evidence-based interventions, and a trauma-informed approach to teaching and learning, we aim to empower our students to become resilient, confident, and successful learners who are prepared for college, career, and life beyond high school.

Project Rebound Affective Needs is a program offered by Yampah Mountain High School in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, United States. The program is designed to support students with designated IEPs in the Least Restrictive Environment to meet emotional and behavioral challenges and help them succeed academically and socially. Serves approximately 17-20 students and their families.

Project Rebound is a self-contained, therapeutic program that provides individualized support to students based on their unique needs and challenges. The program is staffed by special education teachers, licensed clinicians and mental health professionals who work closely with general education  teachers, parents, and students to develop individualized educational plans and provide ongoing support.

The program uses a variety of evidence-based practices to help students develop coping skills, regulate their emotions, and build positive relationships with others. These practices may include individual counseling, group therapy, family coaching and social skills training.

In addition to therapeutic support, Project Rebound also provides academic support to help students succeed in school. The program offers a small, structured learning environment with a low student-to-teacher ratio, allowing for more individual attention and support. Students in the program receive academic support to help them stay on track to graduate and develop the skills they need to succeed in college or the workforce.

Overall, Project Rebound is a valuable resource for students with emotional and behavioral challenges at Yampah Mountain High School. The program provides a supportive and therapeutic environment where students can develop the skills and support they need to succeed academically and socially.

Curriculum aligned to the Co State Standards & CDE Essential Skills:

• Academics focused on literacy skills development & CDE Access Skills

• Family-centered, school-based intensive social-emotional programming, including: group counseling, personal & life skills coaching

• Assisting change and improvement for transitions to school & career goals

• Attention to self-improvement and adolescent development

• Outdoor and Experiential education

• Service learning & vocational training

• Community based apprenticeships

• Arts and technology

How do I apply?

Students must be referred from their home school or the student's IEP team.  

Please contact your student's home school district, Special Education Director, or call our school Registrar at 945-9463 x100, and ask for the Rebound Counselor if you need further assistance