Intensive Studies

Course Description: Interim is week long intensive, experiential course in the middle of each trimester. During Interim, other academic classes are paused. All students must sign up for one of the options, unless otherwise approved by their Advisor. This is required and students will receive .25-.5 credit for completing the week long study.

Essential Questions:

Course Competencies


Past & Present

San Francisco City TourNew Orleans TripRaft Guiding & River AdventurePost-High School Success ExplorationsCO Arts & Studio ToursSustainability Studies & Eco-buildingTPP Self-Discovery Conference


T2 2018 Interim Webinar Presentation:

T2 2018 Interim Permission Slip Links:

Past & Present

TPP Extended Table Cali Service TripTelluride Winter SportsSanta Fe Arts AdventureSylvan Lake Hut TripRe-furbish Service & Habitat for Humanity Post-High School Success ExplorationsLocal Winter AdventureArt & Sustainability Driver's Education


Past & Present

Pine Ridge Service TripSedona AdventureRock Climbing AdventureSt Louis ExplorationSustainability Studies & Eco-buildingTheater ProductionTPP Denver Trip
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