Let's cross the boundaries

of Primary education together


ERASMUS+ KA2 "Let's cross the boundaries of Primary education together"

Welcome! Thank you for joining us on this aventure: our project Erasmus+. This is the web page created to share our experiences An Erasmus + KA2 is a project for Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good Practices . Six schools from Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany, Denmark, Greece and Spain are working together with our students (from 11 to 16) . We want to develop innovative practices in teaching different school subjects and specially motivating our students to be better learners. Through this project we would like to foster a lot of competences knowledge, skills, and attitudes which contributes to our students personal development, a social inclusion and an active citizenship.

Teaching foreign languages and ICT skills are currently ones of the most exciting challenges for the teaching profession. Moreover, it should not be separated from other subjects. So in this project we will work on traditional skills as languages, maths, science, sports, fostering digital literacy and we aim to include also horizontal skills as creativity, learning to learn, social and civic responsibility, entrepreneurship and cultural awareness.

The project lasts 23 months and the main objective is to improve and to change the way we teach and learn. We will plan activities to improve our pupils comprehension of subjects which are important in their future. We will also share them in an eTwinning project, where teachers and pupils will work cooperatively in international groups. Every two months every school will be responsible of one school magazine (built with the help of international teams) fosused on one school subject (Art, Physics, Maths, Music, PE (sport), History, Geography, Civics). We will design an on-line magazine in English, printed in our mother tongues at each partner school.

Besides, every school partner will organize a Short-term joint staff training events to work specifically on different subjects and some school teachers will participate in the mobilities (workshops, jobshadowing, specialists...) in order to improve our teaching methods.

We hope you enjoy our project

Barrufet team!