Part 4 - It's All About the Fishing Map

It is advisable to travel along the west shore - across from the railroad tracks. A noticeable current can be detected at the southernmost point of this section. 

It is also the main stretch in which fishing boats travel to the main channel or back to the boat landing. Almost all of the boats will slow down as they approach the canoe. Be prepared for wakes. Turn into the wakes. Try not to take the wake on the broadside of the canoe. If it should happen, don't fight the rocking...go with the flow.

Along this stretch, you will find many good to excellent fishing spots. Look for brush piles and overhanging trees along both sides of the channel. The big ones lurk underbrush.

Just after the bend, on the east side, look for a rock slide along the railroad tracks. Many bluegills and bass have been caught along this popular fishing hole.

Thank you for taking the canoe trail at Wyalusing State Park. Place the canoe on the rack and lock it up. Bring the paddles and life vests to the concession stand.