Part 1 - Boat Landing to Woodyard Slough

While standing at the boat landing, one can not see the entrance to Woodyard Slough

Directly across the boat landing is a small island. Located near the water line is a white signpost with a blue canoe trail sign. These signs will be located along the trail and located on trees.

You are canoeing on a body of water called Glenn Lake. The lake is named after Robert Glenn. Glenn owned part of the land on which Wyalusing State Park is found. He promoted the concept of a park around the turn of the 20th Century.

Close to the fishing peer, you will observe colonies of whirligig beetles.

Proceed north, to the right, past the smaller island and a larger one. Look carefully towards the west. A small creek can be seen. Proceed into the creek. This is the start of the canoe trail.

The canoe trail is narrow and passable by canoe or kayak. As you approach parts of the trail it will appear as though it is blocked by fallen trees. There will be enough room for a canoe or kayak.

After a wind storm or high water a downed tree may block the trail. Mark the location on the map given to you at the concession stand or park office.

Many species of animals, reptiles, and insects will be seen along the trail. Watch for the great Blue Heron in this section.

It is not unusual to see the Northern Water Snake along the shore.