Sugar Maple Nature Trail leads the park visitor to  Picture Rock Cave. Although, not a cave in the truest sense of the word, the overhanging bluff is literally the coolest spot to be during the hottest days of summer. A steady stream of water falls from the bluff fifty feet above. The park visitor can walk under the falls and into a small pool of water. 

Paul Kosir's book, Wyalusing History, The Park, The People, the Land, available in the park office,  describes how this became known as Picture Rock Cave.

Sugar Maple Nature Trail is a self-guided nature trail with informational signs identifying various plants and giving ecological principles along the way. Dogs are not allowed on Sugar Nature Maple Trail.

Trail Rating Guide: 

1=walking on a level paved road. 

10=Walking on an unmarked trail up a bluff, covered with leaves, poison ivy, tree roots, and boulders the size of a house. 

Distance: 1.5 -mile loop 

Time: 1.5-2.0 hours 

Difficulty: 3-3.5 Some gradual and long slopes. Difficulty level for Spur trail to Picture Rock Cave 6-6.5 

Parking: Wyalusing State Park boat landing or in the small parking lot along the road just west of the Homestead Picnic Shelter 

Bathrooms: Homestead Picnic Shelter and the boat landing.

Water: Near Homestead Picnic Shelter parking lot.

Wondering what Sugar Maple Nature Trail is like? Experience the walk by clicking on the movie link below.  (Link)

The controls are in the upper right of the map. The zoom bar is the vertical bar below the directional circles.