Water Trail

Wyalusing State Park and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service maintain a canoe/kayak area in the backwater of the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge. 

Paddlers can travel North and South from Wyalusing State Park boat landing, through Glenn Lake and Woodyard slough.

Paddlers traveling North can follow a marked trail through Woodyard Slough to the main channel. and back to the boat landing. 

Woodyard Slough is only accessible by canoe or kayak. It is the most scenic.   The trail section is 'upstream' from the boat landing through Glenn Lake.   The current is generally slow with few exceptions in narrow parts of the stream. Look for blue and white trail signs.  

The canoe/kayak water trail offers a unique way to see the waterfowl, aquatic plants, and diverse animal life of the river bottom lands.

Glenn Lake is most conducive to fishing. Paddlers will share the southern part of the lake with fishing boats.

See Sectional Canoe Map

Part 1 - Boat Landing to Northern Trail Start

 Part 2 - Signs of Animals

Part 3 - Woodyard Slough

Part 4 - Southern Section-It's all About Fishing