Bluff Trail

A short, scenic trail that begins at Point Lookout offers excellent scenery.  This trail is currently open from Point Lookout to Treasure Cave.  Hikers will pass through “The Keyhole” to reach the stairway to Treasure Cave, a small limestone cavern. (0.2 miles)

*Previous description from Wyalusing State Park Visitor Newspaper, 2010

Following is an unofficial trail description.

Trail Rating Guide:

Distance: 0.2 miles (No loop)

Time: 15-30 minutes from Point Lookout to Council Point. Side trail to Treasure Cave - 15-20 minutes

Difficulty: 2.0-3 from Point Lookout to Council Point (stairs). 3.5-5.5 Side trail to Treasure Cave (Stone Steps and ladder)

Bathrooms: Point Lookout Shelter, or near playground.

Parking: Point Lookout Picnic Area


The pathway along Wisconsin Ridge, from Council Point to Point Lookout is blacktop. A wooden railing separates the trail from the edge of the bluff. Erratically spaced stone steps (5-6 steps)are encountered along the way.

A stone stairway is used to reach Treasure Cave. There are about 30-40 steps. The stepping stones were quarried in the park and laid by hand many, many years ago. Thousands of feet have walked on these steps. The erratically spaced steps make it next to impossible for baby strollers to negotiate the steps.

Steep wooden steps are used to get to Treasure Cave. A railing is provided for these steps.

Paul Kosir's book, Wyalusing History, the Park, the People, the Land, has interesting stories about Treasure Cave.

Special Note: Just before passing through "The Keyhole" look for a fence post longer than the others. The post is closest to "The Keyhole". While standing next to the fence post look along the edge of the bluff forming "The Keyhole". A stone face profile will begin to take form. The nose is easily seen. Looking up, find the eyebrow and forehead. The lips and chin are a little difficult to make out. Did you see it? Some say that this is the guardian of Treasure Cave. As long as the guardian shows its face, the treasure is safe. Of course, that's just a story......or is it?

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