World Language Department


Jr./Sr. High School Spanish instructor, Mrs. Donna Kahn, speaks with a representative from the Spanish Consulate at the 2017 NECTFL Conference.


Jr./Sr. High School STEM instructor, Mrs. Adelyn Gann, performs Flamenco dancing to teach students about Spanish Culture.

Dear Parents and Community Members:

Welcome to the World Language Department at the Westwood Regional School District!

Elementary School

At WWRSD, all K-5 students have Spanish instruction under the direction of certified specialists once a week for forty minutes. Mrs. Alaina Schinn is the elementary Spanish Instructor at George and Washington schools, and Mrs. Ivanova Araujo is the elementary Spanish instructor at Brookside and Berkeley schools. One of the methods that the elementary teachers incorporate into their lessons is Total Physical Response or TPR. TPR is a powerful linguistic tool where a teacher utters a verbal direction and the student responds with a physical action. For example, an instructor might ask the students to place their hands on their head in Spanish, and the students will prove that they understand the teacher’s sentence structure and vocabulary by correctly placing their hands on their heads.

Middle School

In 6th and 7th Grade, a more diverse array of language options is available to the students, as World Language is a core course. The 6th and 7th Grade Students have World Language class every day for forty minutes and can take French with Mrs. Maria Hittinger or advance their knowledge of the Spanish Language and Culture with Mrs. Vanessa Cardenas, Mrs. Allison Sans, and Mrs. Raquel Tome. Nationalities, telling time, school subjects, expressing opinions, and family are some of the thematic units that are explored in the middle school World Language classrooms.

In addition to unit study, students have an opportunity to further their knowledge of French and Spanish culture out of the classroom by joining the French & Spanish Club. Finally, international cuisine is explored in June at the end the year French and Spanish Food Festival.

High School

At Westwood Regional High School, students can build upon their knowledge of French with Mr. Jeffrey Welfel or Mrs. Catherine Meringolo, Spanish with Mr. Miguel Thomas, Mrs. Donna Kahn, Mrs. Jennifer Buccola, Mrs. Jennifer Lifrieri, Mrs. Nicole Sigona, or Mrs. Penni Winters. In addition, students may opt to learn Italian with Ms. Christina Petrillo or Ms. Cristina La Padula. Four levels of French and Spanish are offered at the high school along with an honors track. In addition, students may enroll in the AP French and AP Spanish Language and Cultures courses.

World Language instructors at the high school incorporate best practice in their content area by evaluating their students’ progress with Integrated Performance Assessments or IPA. In a traditional IPA, the teacher selects a unit based theme and the students are assessed across the interpretive mode (reading and/or listening), interpersonal mode (speaking and listening), and presentational mode (speaking and/or writing).

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The French and Spanish Honor Societies are extra-curricular academic activities for students to further engage in the learning of World Languages.

All members of the World Language Department are committed to professional development and are encouraged to join professional organizations (FLENJ-Foreign Language Educators of New Jersey and ACTFL-American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language).

If you would like more information on our program, please contact me at or 201 664-0880 x 2070.


Michael Kenduck

K-12 Supervisor of Humanities/ESL