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Mr. Collis, Ms. Huber, and Mrs. McCann attend the Annual New Jersey Council for the Social Studies Conference at Rutgers University, 10/25/2016.

Syracuse University Economics Professor, Don Dutkowsky, conversing with Mr. Thames' duel enrollment Econ. 203 course, 10/28.

Westwood Regional students will earn a Syracuse University transcript and 3 college credits that are accepted at 90% of all colleges and universities.

Dear Parents and Community Members:

Welcome to the Social Studies Department at the Westwood Regional School District!

Elementary School

At WWRSD, all K-5 students receive Social Studies instruction under the direction of certified teachers. Notable social studies units of instruction at the elementary level include geography, economics, civics, and American History. Students in 1st Grade learn about civics by studying different holidays. One highlight of the 3rd Grade social studies program involves a unit on the rich history that the State of New Jersey has to offer. The 5th Grade curriculum is centered on European Exploration, Colonial American History, and the causes and effects of the Revolutionary War.

Middle School

At WRMS, the 6th and 7th Grade Social Studies classes are core courses and each student receives forty minutes of Social Studies instruction each day from a certified Social Studies specialist. The 6th grade teachers at WRMS are, Mrs. AnnMarie Castellini, Ms. Mary Dominiczak, and Mr. Paul Levesque. The 6th Grade curriculum includes an opening unit that compares and contrasts the Articles of Confederation to the United States Constitution. The Westward Expansion of our nation and the causes and the effects of the Civil War are other topics that the students master by the end of 6th Grade.

In 7th Grade, the first of a three year phase of World History starts when the students engage in lessons on Ancient World History with Mr. Sean Hackbarth, Mrs. Nancy Perdew, and Mr. Matthew Penn. Recently, students in 7th grade created Sumerian Real-Estate Advertisements using the Google Drawing App. Students were tasked with creating arguments as to why people should move to Sumer even though the civilization initially encountered certain challenges. By the end of the school year students have learned about other topics such as the Ancient River Civilizations in Asia and the Greek and Roman Empires.High School

High School

At WWRHS, 8th and 9th Grade students continue their World History exploration. Mr. Eric Delaney, Ms. Kelly Morrison, Mr. Steve Muench, and Ms. Christine Daly start out instructing students about the Medieval Era and the Byzantine Empire. The 8th Grade sequence concludes with units on The Reformation, The Renaissance, and The Age of Exploration. In 9th Grade, instructors (Mr. Muench, Mrs. Martha McCann, and Mrs. Daly) begin by teaching informative units on Absolute Rulers. By June, students learn about key 20th Century conflicts such as WWI and WII from the European perspective.

In sophomore and junior years, students take two years of United States History. Currently, Mr. Bruce Thames, Ms. Kimberly Rea, Ms. Melanie Greco, Mr. Emilio Prisco, Mr. Chris Pinto, Mr. Kris Izzo, Mr. Keith DeBlasio, Mr. Charles Collis and Ms. Ann Huber teach United States History. In all WWRHS social studies courses students are expected to use evidence, logic, and reason in order to support an argument. One way that students created arguments is by analyzing documents and then using the documents to support a thesis. Some other objectives that social studies teachers aim for are helping students make interdisciplinary connections, integrate meaningful technology, and reflect on their work. In Grades 8 through 11 Honors options are available for both World and United States History.

In addition, a diverse array of social studies electives are offered for students who want to strengthen their knowledge in the social sciences. Students may opt to take Law and Government with Mr. Collis, Economics and Contemporary Global Issues with Mr. Thames, Human Rights & Genocide Studies and Cold War to Present with Ms. Morrison, or Psychology with Mrs. Mary-Liz Wren. For students who are interested in potentially earning college credit, AP American Government & Politics, AP United States History, and AP Psychology will be offered during the 2016-2017 school year.

All members of the Social Studies Department are encouraged to join the New Jersey Council for the Social Studies and engage in professional development activities.

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If you would like more information on our program, please contact me at or 201 664-0880 x 2070.


Michael Kenduck

K-12 Supervisor of Humanities & ESL