Wachusett Driver's Ed

Our Mission

"It is our goal to offer students the best driver education program possible, making safety and professionalism our top priorities."

At Wachusett...

We have been dedicated to teaching students to be responsible, safe drivers for over 50 years. We have historically boasted one of the highest road exam pass rates in the state, of over 90% compared to statewide averages in the 60% - 70% range, with some schools averaging much lower.

We are a Public School Driver Education program that is offered at Wachusett Regional High School

  • Our instructors are all licensed by the RMV and CORI and background checked by the state.

  • Our students are the best instructed drivers in the district.

  • Our road test passing rate is over 95%, whereas the state average is around 70%.

  • We'll help you meet all the requirements of obtaining a Junior Operator License

Where Are We Located?

All WRHS Driver's Ed activities take place at Wachusett Regional Highschool in Holden, MA. All pickups and drop offs for road lessons are at WRHS - out back between the Auto Shop and Driver’s Ed cars. Driver's Ed classes are held virtually, with a tentative return to in person learning for the fall season of 2022.

Facts About Our Program

  • The Vehicles we use are three 2022 All Wheel Drive Ford EcoSports and a 2019 All Wheel Drive Ford Fusion.

  • We have dedicated instructors assigned to each student

  • Our instructors come from a variety of backgrounds that lend themselves to teaching Driver's Ed, from high school and special ed educators, to first responders, school bus/cdl drivers, and even auto insurance professionals.

  • We incorporate numerous guest speakers into our Driver's Ed classes with first hand experience

  • We make learning fun and interactive by utilizing great guest speakers, related videos and news articles, accident deconstruction and evaluation, practice quizzes, Driver's Ed Jeopardy, critical thinking exercises, and student presentations.

  • Our instructors are dedicated not to just seeing our students pass their road test, but also making them safe and responsible drivers for an entire lifetime.

  • Virtual Driver's Ed classes meet for for a total of 30 hours; 2 hours Monday through Friday for three weeks unless otherwise specified

Our Driver's Ed Fleet

AWD Ford Fusion

AWD EcoSport

AWD EcoSport

AWD EcoSport

Guest Speakers Typically Include...

  • Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts

  • Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (Speakers who have been involved in a fatal DUI related car accident)

  • Holden PD Officer Sean McKiernan - School Resource Officer