Mission Statement

"It is our goal to offer students the best driver education program possible, making safety and professionalism our top priorities."

At Wachusett...

We have been dedicated to teaching students to be responsible, safe drivers for more than 50 years.

Our Newest Cars Have Arrived; From Our Friends at Sunnyside Ford in Holden!

We are a Public School Driver Education Program:

A driver’s education program that is offered at Wachusett High School .

  • Our instructors are all licensed by the RMV and CORI and background checked by the state.

  • Our students are the best instructed drivers in the district.

  • Our road test passing rate is over 95%; state average is around 70%.

  • We'll help you meet all the requirements of obtaining a Junior Operator License

Some facts about our program are:

  • The Vehicles we use are 2 - 2019 All Wheel Drive Ford EcoSports. We just added two brand new vehicles; an All Wheel Drive Ford Fusion and one more All Wheel Drive EcoSport.

  • We have dedicated instructors assigned to each student

  • Our instructors have a variety of backgrounds that lend themselves to teaching driver ed from high school and special ed educators to first responders, school bus/cdl drivers, and auto insurance professionals

  • We incorporate numerous guest speakers into our driver ed classes

  • We make learning fun and interactive by utilizing great guest speakers, related videos and news articles, accident deconstruction and evaluation, practice quizzes, critical thinking exercises and student presentations

  • Instructors who are dedicated not to just seeing our students pass their road test but also making them safe and responsible drivers for a lifetime

  • Virtual Driver Ed. classes meet for for a total of 30 hours; 2 hours Monday through Friday for three weeks unless otherwise specified

The RMV Approved Curriculum includes:

  • 1. Intro to Driver Ed

  • 2. Signs, Signals and Road Markings

  • 3. Understanding the Vehicle and Its Controls

  • 4. Basic Driving Skills

  • 5. Rules of the Road

  • 6. Making Safe Driving Decisions

  • 7. Sharing the Road

  • 8. How Natural Law Effects Driving

  • 9. Different Driving Environments

  • 10. Driving in all Weather Conditions

  • 11. Mental and Physical Effects on Driving

  • 12. The Dangers of Alcohol, Drugs and Driving

  • 13. Distracted Driving

  • 14. Consequences of Unsafe Driving and Poor Decision Making

  • 15. Handling Emergencies and Breakdowns; Final Review

  • Final Exam and Classroom Presentations

  • We will add in quizzes and critical thinking exercises to ensure they are learning

Road Test Sponsors

Starting June 21, 2021, a sponsor (driving instructor, parent or guardian) will be required in the car however students can still book their road test exam online. The RMV will still be using their own cars. Students must have completed all driver ed requirements including a completed parent class before booking a road exam.

See sponsor fees and rules before booking your exam. If you book an exam outside our scheduled day/time parameters, or at a different location; your parent will need to sponsor you.

Summer Road Exam Sponsor Availability is based on car and instructor availability

Leominster Only -

June - August

Monday Wednesday and Friday 8 am to 11 am

Monday or Friday 1 pm to 3 pm

(These times are tentative and must be confirmed immediately after scheduling your road exam)

Sponsor fee is $95.00 and $125.00 with 1 hour practice session

You must book a lesson using these parameters (days of week and times are subject to change as we go forward) and email me immediately with the location, date and time of your road exam as the cars will fill up fast and I cannot guarantee any sponsorship for last minute requests. If your test falls outside the above parameters your parent will need to sponsor you.

Also anyone whose permit was issued on or after 5/29/21 will now be required to complete 12 hours of driving with an instructor, 6 hours observing another student and 40 hours supervised driving at home which must be logged and given to the instructor.


Please Read the rules!

A 2 hour Parent/Guardian class is required for students under 18 years of age. It will usually run on the first day of the student class unless otherwise noted.

(Students cannot drive until the Parent Class requirement has been satisfied.)

For virtual classes -

Parents must sign in using their own device/ easily identifiable email address for virtual classes.

Cell phone logins are not allowed or accepted by the RMV.

If you use someone else's laptop or email account, or a random email account I.e. beachlover@yahoo.com or abcplumbing@gmail.com the attendance sheet will show that name instead of yours and the RMV will not accept it.


Please make sure your internet, wireless connections and laptop are working properly before the start of class.

Payment Information

The cost of the Driver Ed program is $750.00 it can be made in one payment or two payments of $400.00 and a second payment of $350.00

First payment is due within 5 days of registration and balance is due 10 days prior to start of class.

We accept payment via check or money order


Please make checks and Money Orders payable to WRSD -

(Include student name & class date in the memo or on a separate sheet of paper)

Mail Payment to:

Wachusett Regional High School

1401 Main Street

Holden, MA 01520

ATTN: Drivers Ed

Students can also bring to the driver ed office C124 between 10am and 2pm or leave at the main office in an envelope marked ATTN: Driver Ed

Driver Ed Rules

Driver Ed as well as a Parent/Guardian class is required by MA state law for anyone under 18 years of age.

You must stay logged in for the full class or RMV will require a make up class!

You must use your WRHS email account and your school issued Chromebook when registering and for class or your attendance may not show up!

Important Note -

Full attendance is required by the RMV. You will be need to repeat the entire class if you miss any classes!

Please be sure to plan accordingly and attend all classes!

Missed Driving Fees

A $50.00 per hour fee applies for Cancellations (w/o 24 hr. notice) and no shows for on the road appointments also for showing up without your permit - Please communicate with your instructor and cancel ahead of your lesson!

*Fees are subject to change * There are no refunds for driver ed

Per hour & Road Test Practice fees

  • As there has been some interest in driving only; driving only is charged at an hourly rate of $60 per hour with a licensed driving instructor payable in advance by check to WRSD however we will not do your supervised driving for you that is a parent/guardian responsibility

Changes in Supervised Driving Requirement

Students whose permit was issued prior to 5/29/21 must complete 40 + 6 hours for a total of 46 hours of supervised driving with a parent/guardian and sign an RMV affidavit stating they completed the additional 6 hours in place of observation hours. Start out slow, in the driveway, an empty parking lot, and graduate to side roads before entering onto busier main roads. If your Learners permit was issued 5/29/21 or after, you will need to complete 6 hours of observation with another student driver.

The RMV Affidavit shows "6 HOURS ONLY" of supervised drive time. For example:

2/1 - 2 hours - 2/15 - 2 hours - 2/30 - 2 hours total 6 hours

Below is a helpful video

More videos can be found below,



Students can still schedule their own exams online once all of their requirements have been met and they have had their permit in good standing for 184 days. A parent/guardian needs to be present. Road tests scheduled after June 21, 2021 will require a sponsor - see sponsor rules above.

      • RMV is currently using their own Ford Fusion and Honda Civic Hybrid cars for road tests

      • If parents are sponsoring, they should wait in the car for their students

      • We offer sponsorship on a limited basis. If we are sponsoring please refer to our guidelines below

      • Students must whose permit was issued before 5/29/21 must complete 40 hours plus an additional 6 hours of supervised drive time with a parent/guardian and sign an affidavit attesting that have done the 6 extra hours; if your permit was issued on or after 5/29/21; you will now be required to do 6 hours of observation instead.

      • Students cannot schedule or reserve an appointment for a road exam until they have completed ALL OF THEIR DRIVER-ED REQUIREMENTS and the school has issued a check to to certify completion of the program to the RMV. They must also have had their learner's permit in good standing for 6 months or 184 days. Once everything is completed and the 184 days have been met, I will upload or transmit their records to the RMV. The check payment process can take one to two weeks after they have completed all of their driver ed requirements. I will then send an email once this has been completed

      • Anyone returning from international destinations must quarantine for 10 days; anyone traveling from out of state is advised to quarantine for 10 days unless fully vaccinated at least 14 days prior or had a negative covid test 72 hours prior to returning home. Instructors may cancel a scheduled lesson at their discretion if a student shows up sick.

      • See Helpful Links below for road test video and an application

Driving Lessons

      • All pickups and Drop offs are at WRHS - out back between the auto shop and driver ed cars

      • All cars are cleaned and sanitized between lessons and everyone is required to wear a face mask

      • If Covid symptoms are present or temperature is high, instructors will cancel lesson at their discretion - please screen before arriving


      • NO SANDALS OR FLIP FLOPS!!! They can get caught on the brake or gas pedal and cause a serious accident. Instructors will not let you drive if you are wearing them!

2019 AWD EcoSport

2019 AWD EcoSport

Our Newest AWD Ecosport

Our New AWD Ford Fusion


Please click on one of the links below to fill out the Registration form

Please Note

In person driver-ed classes will return in September

Remember, Parent/Guardian class attendance is mandatory for all classes! Students cannot be assigned to a driving instructor until this has been completed.


Please use the age calculator below before registering for a class - Enter your birth date in and then enter the start date of the class you wish to take - If you will not reach 15 years 9 months old by the start of class, you must choose a later class date.


(Please confirm students age on day 1 of class)



Please note - In School Classes begin in September

(dates and times are tentative depending on classroom and instructor availability)

All classes will from Sept forward will run 5 PM to 7 PM (except for summer classes which will run 10 am to 12 pm)

Our Next Available Virtual Driver Ed Class Registration Links -

MUST BE 15 YEARS AND 9 MONTHS OLD BY DAY ONE OF CLASS! Dates/Times are subject to change

Sept 7th - Sept 27th https://forms.gle/gadeNGeciu49cTNy7

Monday - Friday 5 pm to 7 pm (classroom to be assigned)

Nov 4th - Nov 29th Monday - Friday 5 pm to 7 pm https://forms.gle/Ap327vg6ra11RVs66

Monday - Friday 5 pm to 7 pm (No class on 11/11, 11/24 -11/26)

Jan 3 - 24th Monday - Friday (no class on the 17th and 26th) https://forms.gle/rqwVKrZhexy7TaEW6

Jan 31 - Feb 18th Monday - Friday 5pm to 7 pm https://forms.gle/D1RP7idz2Hu3L9x3A

March 1 - 21st Monday - Friday (no class on the 16th) https://forms.gle/TkbcpdsFw2NyyJzb9

May 2 - 24th Monday - Friday 5 pm to 7 pm (no class on the 9th and 18th) https://forms.gle/ugQFLmg9Lr4SPdiG6

July 11 - 29th Monday - Friday 10 am to 12 pm https://forms.gle/DLobVFJK5VsabhPL9

Be careful not to register twice as some students are being booked twice in the system!

Parents and students will be sent a class invite and helpful information approximately one week prior to class

To Sign Up for Drive Times -

You must be 16, have a valid learners permit and have completed your driver ed class as well as having a completed parent/guardian class

Please email me all of the following -

(You can email the following to me or drop off at the Main Office in an envelope marked; ATTN Driver Ed:)

  • A copy of your learners permit

  • The date of your driver ed class (month and year)

  • any missed class dates or missed modules that have not been made up

  • The exact date (and the name of the parent) who attended parent class if done at WRHS

  • A copy of the parent class certificate if taken at a different driving school - (If taken at Gilmore's and you don't have the certificate, you will need to retake the parent class)

  • your email address and cell phone #

  • An emergency contact number and email address for your parent

  • Your best days/times for driving

  • You will also need to pay any outstanding balance before being assigned to drive

To sign up for a road test -

You will need to have completed all of your driver ed requirements including:

  • Reached age 16 1/2

  • 30 classroom hours

  • Passed a final written exam

  • 46 supervised driving hours

  • Filled out and handed in an RMV modified observation affidavit showing 6 hours of driving at home

  • Held a valid learner's permit in good standing for six months or 184 days

  • A parent must have completed a parent/guardian class within 5 years.

Driver Ed Helpful Links

RMV Drivers Manual


JOL Requirements and Restrictions


MASS RMV Supervised Driving Log Sheet


RMV Modified Observation Affidavit - (This form should show six hours only of supervised drive time only)

write only on the front, no additional hours for example.

Jan 5th - 2 hours, Jan 10th - 2 hours, Jan 15th - 2 hours; total = 6 hours


Learners Permit Application


Learner's Permit Practice Exam


Road Test Application

RDT103 - Class D or M Road Test Application_fillable_0620(2).pdf

MASS RMV Road Test Application


MASS RMV Road Test Guide


Covid Related Links

Covid -19 Symptoms


Covid testing Infornation


Covid Travel and Quarantine Guidelines


Videos For Parents and Teens

Life Behind the Wheel


MASS RMV Drivers Test - Part 1 of 5


Graduated Licensing


Safety Tips for Teen Drivers


Parents Are the Key


Accidents Involving Teen Drivers Escalate in Summer Months



Parallel Parking with Smart Drive


Three Point Turn with Smart Drive


Straight Backing with Smart Drive


Dealing with Driving Anxiety

Keep in mind that nervousness and anxiety is quite normal when first learning to drive - you are not alone - however a professional driving instructor and a little practice should help calm those fears. Don't let your fear hold you back; with a little confidence, great things can be achieved. Without failure, there would be no such thing as success.

"Never let fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game." Babe Ruth

Important Notes

  • Please stay in communication with your assigned instructor if you want to drive - Give them accurate information

  • If you don't stay on top of your schedule and do your supervised driving at home you will fall behind and will not be ready for your road exam when you become eligible

  • If your instructor's schedule is not working well for you or your instructor is out sick, on vacation or for any other reason, ask about using our FLEXIBLE DRIVING INSTRUCTOR PROGRAM and your instructor can refer you to another driving instructor temporarily or as needed

CDC Guidelines

Covid-19 is still very active and still very deadly and the new variants even more so. To keep everyone as safe as possible; pre-screening at home is critical as your decisions can put someone else's life in great peril. Be honest (do not attempt to minimize or underestimate any symptoms or your Covid-19 exposure or risk, where you've been etc.) and avoid deadly consequences down the road. Employees are being sued for lying about their Covid contact and symptoms. Do not assume that you are not a possible carrier. Driving is all about making good decisions. When in doubt, cancel your lesson, getting your lessons done a week or two sooner is not a good reason for making a bad decision that can affect someone's life. Driving is not mandatory during the pandemic - it is done at your own discretion.

Due to Covid -19, we will be following all CDC guidelines UNtil further notice, including:

  • Students must pre-screen at home

  • Students must cancel if sick or having any symptoms or had close contact with anyone with Covid-19 symptoms

  • All cases of Covid, symptoms, possible contact etc. must be referred to the school nurse to determine lenght of quarantine and return date to driver ed

  • All pick ups and drop offs will be at WRHS ( in the rear parking area between the auto shop and the drivers ed cars)

  • Follow your instructors directions and answer Covid questionnaires as asked by your instructor

  • Social distancing is required around the school building

  • No observation at this time

  • Students need to complete 46 hours of supervised driving and complete an RMV observation waiver

  • Keep learners permit in a plastic zip lock bag

  • Supply your own face mask and black pen

  • Parents should stay in their cars when dropping off or picking up

  • Students should stay in their cars until the area is clear of other students

  • Cars will be cleaned and disinfected in between drivers

Upcoming classes -

Now Accepting Registrations

All 3 week classes are Monday through Friday - 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM - UNLESS NOTED

Parent Classes will be on day one of class from 7 pm for 2 hours (full attendance required)

this is mandatory for all students under 18 years of age

All class dates and hours are subject to change/adjustment according to school schedules, severe weather or circumstances beyond our control

*Must be 15 years and 9 months old by start of class!*

Students must use their WRHS issued Chromebook and WRSD email account to ensure attendance is counted. If there is a problem with your Chromebook contact IT prior to class

Please make sure you attend all modules - RMV requires 100% attendance. A missed module will result in making up the entire class.


  • Mid Summer Class - July 5th – 23rd 10 am - 12 pm

  • Fall Class - Sept 4th-Oct 23rd Saturday’s 9 am to 130 pm

  • Early Winter Class - November 1st- November 19th 4 pm to 6 pm

Minimum class size is 16 students - if minimum is not met, students will be offered next available class

*Schedules are subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control*

Guest Speakers typically Include:

  • Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts

  • Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (Speakers who have been involved in a fatal DUI related car accident)

  • Holden PD Officer Sean McKiernan - School Resource Officer

  • MASS RMV Road Examiner Q & A

“You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky