The Pro Bono Project is an extracurricular and experiential learning opportunity for law students to address unmet legal needs while working under the supervision of a licensed attorney. A student board directs the activities of the Pro Bono Project in conjunction with the school’s pro bono coordinators. The Pro Bono Project currently has nine standing projects and accepts other pro bono opportunities throughout the academic year.

THE Pro Bono Project Mission

Wake Forest Law recognizes that service to those in need is a noble calling for the legal profession. Through the Pro Bono Project, students have a rich history of answering that call. 

The Pro Bono Project creates opportunities for all law students to serve those in need by advancing equitable access to justice to marginalized or low-income communities and individuals, with a focus on North Carolina. These opportunities empower students in real-life situations to develop their legal knowledge and practical lawyering skills and to provide compassionate and inclusive education. In all its endeavors, the Pro Bono Project promotes ethical standards and devotion to service at Wake Forest Law and the legal profession.