Pro Bono Project

Welcome to the Wake Forest Law Pro Bono Site!

Welcome to the Wake Forest University School of Law’s Pro Bono Project!

Thank you for your interest in the Pro Bono Project. Please contact the Director of Community Outreach with questions.

What Counts for Pro Bono Hours?

If you aren't doing Pro Bono through one of Wake Forest Law's existing projects, does it count? It might!

  1. You must engage in law-related activities.
  2. Your work must be supervised or approved by a lawyer.
  3. The services must be provided to the client for free or at a substantially reduced rate. If you have any questions about what qualifies as a substantially reduced rate, please contact the Pro Bono Board.
  4. The activities must be on behalf of person(s) of limited financial means with limited access to legal representation. A non-profit, civic, religious, government, or other community organization.

Training for any pro bono work, whether through Wake Forest's Pro Bono Project or not, counts towards your hours.

During the summer, you may receive Pro Bono credit for law-related credit if it fulfills all four of the above criteria. You must also earn less than one and a half times the minimum wage of the jurisdiction where you are working at the time you are providing the Pro Bono service.