23. Rewards and Discipline


It is our aim at South Island School to motivate, encourage and praise our students for their effort and achievement in their learning and other aspects of their school life. We believe that effort and achievement should be valued and rewarded, and that at different ages, students appreciate recognition and celebration at different levels.

Sporting achievements are celebrated in an annual Sports Awards Ceremony. Students who take Film and Media also have an annual Film Awards Celebration. There are Family Celebrations of Learning, which take place at the end of the school year.

We have many different ways that we celebrate students' successes:

  • Postcards
  • Certificates
  • Articles in our newsletter
  • Leadership Roles
  • Positive Comments sent home via email
  • Annual awarding of ROCs (Recognition of Commitment)

The ROCs are focused around the following statements:

  1. Application and dedication in the pursuit of personal best
  2. Curiosity and creativity
  3. Passion and enthusiasm
  4. Leadership and participation
  5. Thoughtful and reflective work

Tutor ROCs recognise MaD leadership or opportunities to take part in House/Tutor activities.

These ROCs are focused around:

  1. Taking personal responsibility for a sustainable future
  2. Engaging with other people with respect and honesty
  3. Showing or developing self awareness, resilience and courage
  4. Exploring the world with an open mind and compassionate perspective
  5. Showing commitment to MaD

Teachers will also provide positive feedback through our reporting system as well as Student Led Consultations.


We work towards a restorative practice approach to discipline at South Island. This means we do not have rigorous school rules and we work with students to create positive learning opportunities rather than negative. We have a procedure of Staged Interventions (STINT) which provides a structure for supporting students along the road to appropriate behaviour for learning.

What is Staged Intervention…?

STINT is a framework that offers support to students and helps make clear the manner in which we do that. It is an ongoing process of gathering, structuring and making sense of the information about our students. The overarching principle is to be fair and consistent with every child in order to provide a safe and secure environment that fosters sustainable personable development and learning.

STINT seeks to provide a series of incremental supports that reflect various responses to our students’ needs. It involves collaborating and relating to others with respect, honesty and courage. At different stages this may involve students, subject teachers, form tutors, heads of curriculum, heads of house, leadership team, parents, external agencies and members of our local community.

STINT is based upon a central idea: we manage ourselves and our learning by developing self awareness, resilience and commitment. We encourage all members of our community to have a solution-focused mindset and use our initiative to make a difference through resourcefulness, ongoing participation and reflection.

STINT interventions will reflect the seriousness of individual student concerns, and there is a natural expectation that students move up or down the various stages accordingly. These stages may not necessarily be linear in progression and will be dependant on individual situations.

STINT Stages are recorded.

This table is intended as guidance, rather than being prescriptive; each incident should be considered in its context but the guidance should aid whole school consistency.

iSAMS Notification via Email

Positive Comment

A Positive Comment is written by teachers and tutors to acknowledge and praise improvement in behaviour, academic progress, exceptional effort in and out of class, outstanding piece of work, as well as significant participation and contributions in House Events. When a Positive Comment is recorded on iSAMS, the student, parent(s), tutor, Head of House and vice-principal will receive an Email notification to indicate that a new Positive Comment is ready to be read on the iSAMS Pupil and Parent Portal.

Recognition of Commitment (ROCs)

Towards the end of the academic year, 2 awards are given by each subject area for each year group. Once the data is in iSAMS, parents and students will be notified via an Email Notification that will direct you to the Parent Portal or iParent App for full details. You will be able to download the ROCs certificate.