21. School Uniform

At South Island School Years 7 to 11 are expected to wear our school uniform. Shoes must be black. They can be polishable shoes or running shoes, but they must be all black. We have changed the uniform policy to allow running shoes as many students play during break times. If you choose black running shoes, they can also be your PE shoes – just make sure they are non-marking and suitable for PE activities. The uniform is the basis of an agreed code of dress for students which has been decided by the Student Council. It is a simple and practical uniform which is cool in summer and can be adapted to suit the winter months. Appearance and a sense of style are important to most young people but we ask that the exploration of style in appearance is done out of school so that our focus can be the exploration of learning without distractions of fashion trends. We include rules on jewellery and hairstyles.

For Years 7 and 8, if students have two or more school sessions that require PE kit, they may wear their PE kit all day. The subjects that require PE kit are: Drama, InterD, PE and Inter-House. (Note: this does not include after school activities.) PE: Students may wear suitable training/gym shoes of any colour.

If Years 10 and 11 students have PE period 1a in the day then they may come to school in PE kit and go straight to their first lesson and then they must change into their school uniform after their lesson. PE: Students may wear suitable training/gym shoes of any colour.

However, if students have PE after period 1a they are required to come to school in their school uniform, then change into their PE kit for their PE lesson and then change back into their school uniform for the remainder of the day’s lessons. Students are given time at the end of the PE lesson to change. We believe it is not hygienic or healthy for students to be sitting in sweaty PE kit in other lessons. The full uniform details are available here as well as in the school diary. Students in Year 7 or 8 may wear their PE kit all day if they have 2 or more subjects that require PE kit: drama, PE, InterD and Inter-House

In the pursuit of excellence, there is no reason why personal appearance should be overlooked. For this reason, parents are asked to co-operate fully in seeing that their children come to school correctly dressed in the specified uniform that has been purchased from the PTA Shop with the school and ESF logo. Students must wear the clothing purchased in the PTA shop. No other clothing including hoodies purchased outside of the shop are to be worn inside the school.

The PTA Shop is located on the Lower Ground Floor, beside the Reception. The opening hours during school days are:

08:00 to 15:30 - Monday to Thursday

08:00 to 13:30 - Friday

Students in Years 12 and 13 are expected to wear smart casual clothes. Guidelines can be found below.

Modified dress code for cooler weather:

  • Students may wear non uniform warmer jackets/coats on the journey to and from school. As the classrooms are warmer, the SIS hoodies and fleece must be worn.
  • For girls, if they have not purchased the SIS trousers, may wear black tights (thick leggings) to protect their legs from the cold
  • Students may also wear a long sleeve undershirt under their shirt

PE Uniform

School Teams



If the weather is very wet or very cold, the school fleece jacket can be worn when travelling to and from school. Students are able to wear the South Island School sports jacket as part of the school uniform. Clothing without school logo is not permitted in the school.


Dyed hair of a single natural colour is permitted as are streaks/highlights in moderation. Roots must not be prominent. Extreme hairstyles are not appropriate for school. Excessive use of gel, shaved or partially shaved heads also fall into the extreme category.


The wearing of jewellery of any kind is discouraged. However, a watch and plain studs, one in each ear lobe, is acceptable. Any other jewellery is only allowed on religious grounds after the receipt of a letter from parents to the Head of School requesting permission on this basis. Apart from these exceptions, no other jewellery is allowed.

Makeup and Nail Varnish

The wearing of makeup and nail varnish is not allowed.

Checklist of School Uniform

Only regulation styles, colours and fabrics are permitted. The standard is defined by the uniform available at the school shop. If items of uniform are not purchased at the uniform shop they must conform exactly to the quality, the style and the appearance of equivalent items available at the The Shop.

Name Labels

It is important that all items of clothing and kit are clearly marked with the students’ name. Lost property is stored beside the medical room and administered by the General Office. After one month, we reserve the right to dispose of any unnamed items which are handed in.

Dress Code for Years 12 & 13 (Senior School Dress Code)

In the Senior School, there is no prescribed uniform, a student’s dress and appearance are ultimately matters of personal choice. However, students should consider the manner of their dress and appearance appropriate for presenting themselves as role models to younger pupils.

Students should therefore ensure they are dressed decently, safely and appropriately. Clothing should be casual but must always be practical, well presented and clean.

Following on from the survey conducted in May 2017. The following procedures have been agreed:

  1. If your clothes do not fit the Senior Dress Code a teacher/ member of staff will say ‘Your clothes do not fit the dress code’ and no more.
  2. You will then be sent to the Head of Careers, Ms. Sharman, to have a follow up conversation.
  3. Ms. Sharman will show you the reason why your clothes are inappropriate and you will be given a warning via iSAMS. Judgements made by Ms. Sharman or the Head of House are final and not subject to negotiation.
  4. You may be required to wear a plain black t-shirt, or a pair of school shorts, as a quick fix.
  5. On the third occasion, your parents will be contacted and you may be sent home, or be checked every morning by Ms. Sharman or your Head of House.
  6. Consistent violation of this code will be referred to the Principal for further action.

Senior School students should wear clothing that:

  • Promotes a positive image for both self and the Senior School
  • Should be appropriate and be in line to being a role model to young pupils.
  • Should not reveal underwear.
  • Should not show any political or otherwise contentious slogans.
  • Should not, in any way, be discriminating, demeaning or offensive to any person, group or culture.

As a member of the Senior School Community, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that the guidelines are followed by you and your peers.

  • Footwear should be appropriate for climbing stairs (no flip flops)
  • In addition to permitted ear piercing, any facial piercing must have prior approval obtained from your Head of House. If you are unsure about whether a piece of jewellery is acceptable please ask your Head of House for clarification.
  • Dyed hair of a single natural colour is permitted as are streaks/highlights in moderation. Roots must not be prominent. Extreme hairstyles are not appropriate for school. Excessive use of gel, shaved or partially shaved heads also fall into the extreme category.

PE Class Uniform Policy

Students in Years 12 and 13 are required to wear the appropriate school kit for their option choice and to provide their own equipment. Staff will accept no responsibility for jewellery at any time. Before games lessons all jewellery should be locked away in students' lockers.