WCSC Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is a group of volunteers who are interested in making the most out of the club each season. From party planning, to facility maintenance, there's something for everyone on the board.

Our Board of Directors bring expertise in their fields to the table to manage all operations of the swim club. The positions are 100 percent voluntary. While most positions are elected by the general membership every two years, some positions are appointed annually by fellow board members.

Please contact us at Suggestions@WCSwimclub.org with any questions, comments, or interest in joining the Board of Directors.

2021-2022 Waugh Chapel Swim Club

Board of Directors

President Craig Bouchard president@wcswimclub.org

Vice President Jeff Madison vp@wcswimclub.org

Treasurer Jennifer Cavin treasurer@wcswimclub.org

Membership Kathi Brandt membership@wcswimclub.org

Socials Liz Smith socials@wcswimclub.org

Secretary Paul Walker secretary@wcswimclub.org

Facilities 1 Pene Peau facilities1@wcswimclub.org

Facilities 2 Cory Armstrong facilities2@wcswimclub.org

Swim Team Rep Bob Nolte swimteam@wcswimclub.org

Dive Team Rep Casey Boswell diveteam@wcswimclub.org

Member At Large Christy Dunlap mal@wcswimclub.org

Communications Jessica Ring communications@wcswimclub.org