HHS Tiger Fitness


As a fitness team, we aim to reach the interest of all students. Involvement in physical activity is not only beneficial to your physical health, but it also promotes longevity for mental, emotional and social health.

As it is a requirement to take some PE courses in order to graduate, we hope that what is offered at Hurricane High will peak your interest to become involved and excited about the benefits of physical activity.

Fitness & Health Teachers:

Haley Clay haley.clay@washk12.org

  • Fitness for Life

  • Online Fitness for Life

  • Yoga

  • Cheer Tumbling

  • Health

Skyler Miller skyler.miller@washk12.org

  • Weight Training / Advanced Weight Training

  • Sports Medicine / Exercise Science

  • Football

Boyd Prince boyd.prince@washk12.org

  • Weight Training

  • Cross Country / Track

Brennon Schweikart brennon.schweikart@washk12.org

  • Individual Lifetime Activities (Rackets)

  • Fitness for Life

  • Basketball

Jeff Adamson Jeff.adamson@washk12.org

  • Health II

  • Drivers Ed