Welcome to South Warren High School!

We are thrilled to welcome you as a future Spartan! You will find the necessary resources to use when enrolling at South Warren using the links below.


If you do not reside in South Warren's school district, but would like to join the Spartan family... you may request approval for an Out of District Transfer. Parents should click on the link that follows for more information:

Before you may enroll in our school, state law and our local policy require the following information to be on file:

  1. Updated Kentucky Immunization Certificate
  2. Transcript/Grade Card
  3. Withdrawal grade (if coming from another school during the school year)
  4. Copy of Current IEP (Individual Education Program) & Psychological Evaluations if applicable
  5. Physical Exam on Kentucky Form
  6. Birth Certificate (copy only)
  7. Social Security Card (copy only)
  8. Proof of custody or guardianship (if applies). This MUST be a court document or a copy of divorce papers stating the dual custody.
  9. Proof of residence (Lease or Deed, the 1st page with your name and address on it and signature page)
  10. Kentucky Eye Exam (if you have not been in a public school)
  11. A demographic sheet from Infinite Campus, if coming from a Warren County school.

Enrollment Policy per OUR Board of Education:

Do not enroll any new student without first reviewing the student’s record. For students who are trying to enroll and are coming from out of state, a private school, and/or a residential facility, because of incomplete records you sometimes receive and the complexity of the records and documentation or lack thereof, the Board of Education is requesting that you do the following:

  1. Request the records of that student, do initial paperwork for entry into school, but DO NOT allow the student to stay at school.
  2. As soon as the records are received at your school, notify the Central Office.

Depending on what types of records you receive the Central Office will review the received records with you or your designee and if there are special education concerns, we also include the Special Education Director to:

  1. Determine if complete and or sufficient records have been received.
  2. Determine whether or not the student should be enrolled in your school and if so are there special accommodations or determine that the District needs to consider a more appropriate placement.