Downloading and Installing Fldigi

There are several distribution sites that host Fldigi distributions, but Fayette ARES members should be aware that the most reliable distribution site for Fldigi is the author's site - www.w1hkj.com. On the w1hkj.com download page download and install the following Fldigi components:

          • fldigi (core Fldigi program)
          • flrig (rig control & interface - allows your radio to 'talk' to Fldigi)
          • flmsg (message composition, including ICS forms)
          • flamp (amateur multicast protocol tool)
          • flwrap ('wraps' transmitted content in a format that allows checksum verification of reception)

These downloads are only for Windows installs. Fldigi is also available in several Linux distributions and runs well on lightweight hardware such as Raspberry Pi's. However, Fayette ARES will only provide installation, configuration and operating training for the Windows versions

Fldigi - Fast, Light Digital - is the standard HF digital communications package used by Georgia ARES. Fldigi supports a number of digital modes such as PSK, RTTY, Contestia, Olivia, etc.

Fldigi is free, is well supported, and can be run under both the Windows and Linux operating systems

Fayette ARES members will be required to have at least a working knowledge of Fldigi and how to use it for PSK (PSK 31, 63 or 125) communications

The best place to start with Fldigi is to watch Rick Frost's excellent video series on installing, configuring and running the software

The official Fldigi user documentation page maintained by W1HKJ

PSK & Fldigi

Getting Started With PSK & Fldigi (Part 1)

Slides from the presentation done on 14 March 2019 to the Fayette ARES group, covering basic PSK & Fldigi concepts