Radio Programming Files

Most modern radios are too complex or too frustrating to program by hand. To help make configuring a radio easy and getting it on the air quickly, Fayette ARES makes programming files available to its members

We can't cover all radios or all software formats. The goal is to host programming files for the more popular VHF and UHF radios in common use for ARES activities

Fayette ARES can’t make software recommendations, and we can’t warrant that a programming file will work with your specific radio. However, we can provide advice and support. Users are encouraged to think of these programming files not as comprehensive packages, but as a ‘starting point’ that will get your radio up and running on our local repeaters as quickly as possible. We strongly encourage you to experiment with and tailor these programming files to fit your particular operating needs

Many manufacturers provide free or low-cost programming software for their radios, particularly the more complex digital mode radios. Check the manufacturer's website for more information. In addition, both Chirp and RT Systems make programming software that covers a wide variety of radio models

Radio programming software often requires the use of a proprietary programming cable specific to the radio. Programming cables can be purchased from most Amateur Radio dealers (HRO, Gigaparts, etc.) or from RT Systems or Valley Enterprises

Creating programming files is a collaborative, user-supported effort. If you have a programming file for a radio that is not currently in our database we’d love to host it on this page. Or, have a radio you'd like to have a programming file created for? Let us know and we'll see if we can locate one. Simply contact the webmaster at

Radio Programming Software Database