Fayette County ARES

Welcome to the Fayette County, Georgia, Amateur Radio Emergency Service (Fayette ARES) Website

Fayette ARES is a component organization of the Fayette County Amateur Radio Club

Mission Statement

Fayette ARES, KK4GQ, provides Amateur Radio-based emergency communications support to the Fayette County, Georgia, Emergency Management Agency, the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Peachtree City, Georgia, and other authorized county or municipal agencies

We also provide mutual assistance support to surrounding counties and the State of Georgia

Where Do I Tune?

In an emergency start here!

During emergency activations Fayette ARES operates on a set of pre-defined frequencies that you should continuously monitor for information and situational awareness. Check in to any operational nets on these frequencies with your status and availability

  • On VHF: 145.210 (-) PL 131.8 - this is the main KK4GQ repeater located near downtown Fayetteville. In an emergency this repeater handles ARES and Skywarn-related traffic. This repeater provides excellent coverage across the south metro Atlanta area and will normally be linked with other repeaters in Georgia to provide regional coverage from Alabama to Tennessee

  • On UHF: 444.600 (+) PL 77.0 - this is the W4PSZ remote link repeater for the NWS PTC Skywarn system. The repeater is located near downtown Fayetteville and provides excellent coverage across Fayette County and portions of the south metro Atlanta area

  • On HF: 3.975 LSB - this is the main Georgia ARES emergency HF frequency. This is a state-wide frequency that is used to coordinate activities and support requests

  • D-STAR: Reflector 30B is reserved for emergency use in Georgia. If you have a D-STAR capable radio can monitor and participate via 30B on the KK4GQ D-STAR repeater on 442.5625 (+)

  • Echolink: If you are an Echolink subscriber you can monitor the KK4GQ 145.210 repeater on the KI4NGD-R Echolink node #317195

  • Simplex: If all Amateur Radio infrastructure in Fayette County fails, go VHF simplex - 146.535 mHz - no offset, no PL tone. An ARES net control operator will be detailed to monitor this frequency to handle calls for assistance, take updates and disseminate information


During emergencies other nets, frequencies and modes will likely be active. However, if you are in the greater Fayette County area the frequencies listed above are where you should tune first for information and direction

For information on other nets and frequencies used by Georgia ARES check out our Nets page

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