Chromebook HELP!

  1. My Chromebook is Slow or not Working -

    • Check with your school site about replacing/exchanging

  2. I need a Hotspot or WiFi-

    • Please call or email your school site to check availability or

  3. Common issues - Please check twice:

    • New logins, Enrollment, Verified Absences

      • Student has just enrolled that day(CEC); therefore, no accounts have been created or synced (24-36 hours)

    • Content Keeper! - Open new tab and close Content Keeper tab(or reboot)

    • Please use the Google Chrome Browser (not Safari or Internet Explorer)

    • Wrong Classlink URL - Read Instructions



    • Google Classroom Sync to Aeries not updated (Teacher can re-link in AERIES)

    • -> doesn't always open (refresh page); make sure the teacher is hosting an active Google Meet

      • Email your teacher if this is not working or leave a Class comment and read through the Classroom Stream

    • Home WiFi is slow -> random network/WiFi interference; too many users online (students all using google meets/zoom); too many extra devices online not used for school (SmartTV, Gaming Consoles, Phones/Tablets, Desktops/Laptops)

  4. Chromebook and Operating System Updates-

  5. How do I login?

    • Full Last name, your first initial of your first name, the last 3 digits of your student ID#, and the last 2 digits of your Birthyear.

6. Google Chomebook - Change/Update Password-