Wyoming Mosquito Management Association history

WMMA was created to further the collaboration and education of individuals involved in mosquito control in Wyoming. This is accomplished through annual meetings, newsletters, special training programs and all of the interactions fostered by these efforts. We invite you to join and contribute to our continuing development .

To learn more about WMMA you may view the Constitution here.

WMMA Board Members


Amy Girard (Teton County Weed and Pest)

President Elect

Steven Trowbridge (City of Laramie Mosquito Control)


John Leman (Natrona County Weed & Pest)

Industry Member

Richard Lake (Van Diest Supply, Inc.)

Board Member at Large

Gary Emmett (Town of Lovell)

Legislative Liaison

Keith Wardlaw (City of Laramie)

Above: Keith Wardlaw leading a discussion of mosquito control practices for Wyoming.

Right: Keith Wardlaw leading a field demonstration for finding and chemically treating mosquito habitat.

Left: Seasonal technician demonstrates proper use of a backpack blower for applying granular chemical.

Above: Keith Wardlaw inspecting the aircraft before an aerial application of mosquito larvicide.

Above: Demonstration of ATV for applying chemical using front and rear mounted tanks with hand nozzle and boom sprayers.

Above: Aerial application of chemical used for controlling mosquito larva.