Mosquito Species of Wyoming

Be on the lookout for these invasive species

Aedes aegypti.pdf

Aedes albopictus.pdf

Aedes japonicus.pdf

The three species listed here are not currently found in Wyoming. These are invasive species that are rapidly spreading in North America. If you believe you have found one of these please notify your local mosquito control or public health organization.

Mosquito species currently found in Wyoming

Aedes campestris.pdf

Aedes canadensis canadensis.pdf

Aedes cataphylla.pdf

Aedes cinereus.pdf

Aedes communis.pdf

Aedes diantaeus.pdf

Aedes dorsalis.pdf

Aedes euedes.pdf

Aedes excrucians.pdf

Aedes fitchii.pdf

Aedes flavescens.pdf

Aedes hendersoni.pdf

Aedes hexadontus.pdf
Aedes impiger.pdf

Aedes implicatus.pdf

Aedes increpitus.pdf

Aedes intrudens.pdf

Aedes melanimon.pdf

Aedes mercurator.pdf

Aedes nevadensis.pdf

Aedes nigromaculis.pdf

Aedes niphadopsis.pdf

Aedes pionips.pdf

Aedes provocans.pdf

Aedes pullatus.pdf

Aedes punctor.pdf

Aedes schizopinax.pdf

Aedes sierrensis.pdf

Aedes spencerii idahoensis.pdf

Aedes sticticus.pdf

Aedes trivittatus.pdf

Aedes ventrovittus.pdf

Aedes vexans.pdf

Anopheles earlei.pdf

Anopheles franciscanus.pdf

Anopheles freeborni.pdf

Anopheles punctipennis.pdf

Anopheles walkeri.pdf

Coquillettidia perturbans.pdf

Culex pipiens.pdf

Culex restuans.pdf

Culex salinarius.pdf

Culex tarsalis.pdf

Culex territans.pdf

Culiseta alaskaensis.pdf

Culiseta impatiens.pdf

Culiseta incidens.pdf

Culiseta inornata.pdf

Culiseta morsitans.pdf

Psorophora signipennis.pdf

Uranotaenia sapphirina.pdf