Corona virus

Just a few thoughts on COVID 19 14/04/20

The Clinic is taking all the neccessary precautions at this time. We are open for emrgency and urgent consultations, as well as for key workers. Please do ring for advice.

"Have I got it!"

Before getting out of bed take a deep breath and hold for 10 to 20 seconds. If you cough or feel your throat tightening you may have it. Ref John Ogden, Yorkshire naturopath - official diagnostic advice South Korea.

And you are not a sitting duck, so from the received knowledge of the Complimentary medical tradition

For the immune system:

  • Vitamin C & D
  • Selinium - 2 brazil nuts per day (also in sunflower seeds and eggs).

Note; good Selenium levels help ward off flu viruses and the UK is one of four countries with soils containing low Selenium levels.

  • Thyme is a potent antiviral. Use fresh thyme to make a lovely tea - can be sweetened with honey.

Note; Oregano and Majoram share this property.

  • Have a flask of pre-made tea handy with any/all ginger, tumeric, thyme, lemon, honey etc
  • Sleep, lots of sleep.

The lungs:

  • This virus, if it reaches the lung tissue (viral pneumonia) causes huge amounts of exudate. Dairy has long been known as the mother of muccus so halving one's intake for a few months is worth the deprivation.
  • Any lung excersises seem vital, though bear in mind it is the lung tissue rather than the bronchial tree to zero in on.

Note; Florence Nightingale specifically encouraged open windows in every ward all year round. In those days they were battling with TB, another lung tissue disease.

  • Go for a walk!

Example of a lung excersise; Here is one from the ancient writings of the Yellow Emperor's book of the Tao, long regarded as one of the pillars of Chinese medicine. It takes 50 secs.

  1. Stand normally; neck straight, eyes forward, chin tucked down throughout. This will pull the throat upward therefore the bronchial tree will follow.
  2. Clasp hands together behind the sacrum.
  3. Breathe in slowly and deeply whilst moving the clasped hands backwards as far as is comfortable.
  4. On the out breath release the hands and swing the arms forward in an arc till they are above the shoulders then return the hands behind the sacrum once more. If your arm movements are retricted circle the shoulders instead.

Apparantly, 7 times is perfect! I would suggest you breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth however this last is not clear from the texts.

...when the danger passed and the people joined together again they created new ways to live and heal the earth fully as they had been healed.

Attributed to Irene Vella.