Chris Grey, Osteopath

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Chris Grey

BSc (Hons) D.O. :

I loved being an osteopath from the moment I began my studies on the bones of the foot. That was 26 years ago in the South of France. I qualified (in French) in 1994 and in 1995 anglicised my studies at the Oxford School of Osteopathy. I treated my first patient in Petersfield that year – who arrived by taxi then on all fours after slipping on a polished floor in India.

The birth of my first child started a fascination with paediatric Osteopathy. Fortnightly, over four years, I worked at the ‘Osteopathic Centre for Children’ charity in London. I was privileged to be overseen by Europe’s leading paediatric Osteopath Stuart Korth. For twelve years I taught at the London School of Osteopathy where I had the pleasure of designing then running the courses for visceral (the internal organs) and cranial specialities. Also the more doubtful pleasure of writing and marking the final exams.

Full Circle: I was born in London, grew up in South Harting and was made to shop in Petersfield – most grudgingly. Desperate to see the world I went to South Africa to work on a gold mine (level 7,200), later I worked in a cable factory and on a farm. I came back overland to take Chemistry at Imperial College, London. I travelled to Sydney, Australia working as an Employment Consultant then as a set carpenter for Channel 9, Australian TV. Back in London I ran a carpentry business for six years until I left to restore a French farmhouse. Instead I enrolled in Osteopathic school – and so I returned to Petersfield to shop, now happily, and to start practices here and in Godalming. - July 2015