Working In Shared Dedication to Opening Minds

Our Mission

The mission of W.I.S.D.O.M. Through Film (Working in Services Dedicated to Opening Minds) is to empower our community elders by providing outlets to express themselves through telling their stories against discrimination. We hope that by interviewing our elders and posting recordings of those interviews, we can pass on their advice and thoughts on their experiences with discrimination - racism, sexism, ableism, ageism, among others - to the youth who are struggling with those same problems today. Furthermore, we aim to not only provide outlets of expression but also chances for family members to better connect with their elders after hearing their stories.

News & Updates

Islamophobia with Mufti Ibrahim Qureshi

Our most recent video tackles stereotypes of violence and terrorism directed against Muslims with Mufti Ibrahim Quereshi. Learn more about how he dealt with airport searches and what it means to him to be a Muslim.

Anti-Semitism with Mrs. Sniderman: Annemarie's Escape from Vienna

The second part of our two-part Anti-Semitism series, Annemarie Sniderman tells us a powerful story about what it was like to escape Vienna to the United Kingdom in a "kindertransport," just before the Holocaust broke out. Join us in listening to her about her life as a Viennese refugee!

TRAILER: Annemarie Sniderman's Escape from Vienna

Catch a glimpse of part II of our Anti-Semitism Series NOW!

Anti-Semitism with Mr. Sniderman: Dan in America

In a first part to a two-part series, Dan Sniderman lets us know what it was like to observe anti-Semitic behavious against his peers. In our second episode regarding anti-Semitism, Anne Sniderman, Dan's wife, tells us what it was like to escape from Vienna in 1938, just before the Holocaust.

Ageism/Ableism with Mr. Thiroux

New video! Our seventh video focuses on Mr. Thiroux's struggles against ageism in his work life, and how he wants it to change.

Ableism with Ms. Rippchen

Our sixth video and second episode in our Jill Rippchen series focuses on Ms. Rippchen's experiences with ableism following a leg amputation surgery.

Instagram Updates!

Visit our Instagram! There are new posts and IGTV insight videos with a little extra that didn't quite make the cut, but which we still felt needed some attention.

Anti-German Bigotry with Ms. Rippchen

Our fifth YouTube video revolves around Ms. Rippchen's struggles with anti-German bigotry in her all-Jewish neighborhood around the time of the Holocaust.

It's also our first video to a series centered around Ms. Rippchen's unique experiences.

Anti-Hispanic Racism with Ms. Shayesteh

Our fourth video is about Ms. Shayesteh's encounters with racism against Hispanics. Here, she talks about how she proved her capabilities to those who underestimated her.

Sexism in the workforce with Ms. Williams

Our third YouTube video stars Ms. Williams, a women who lived during the time of World War II and experienced workplace inequality.

Racism with Karen R. Lang

Our second video is an interview with Mrs. Lang about her experiences with internal and external racism, as well as how she grew to see others without prejudice.

Collaboration with Local Cre.a.t.e. Group

We partnered with Cre.a.t.e., a nonprofit organization that works to help low-income and homeless kids who lack an outlet for self-expression by providing them with art supplies and a secure place for them to work on drawing, painting, and even self-driven projects. At one of their workshops, we hosted origami paper crane folding, which symbolize health and wellness.

Please follow @cre.a.t.e. on Instagram!

Ageism with Mr. and Mrs. Hughes

Our first video is an interview with Mr. and Mrs. Hughes about some of the proudest moments of their lives, the struggles they faced as they grew older (particularly in the workforce), and how they believe others perceive them.