Athlete Code of Conduct

A committee made up of Special Olympics athletes, coaches, staff and family members developed the following four-part Special Olympics Massachusetts Athlete Code of Conduct.


I will:

  • Learn, follow and respect the rules of Special Olympics Massachusetts.
  • Encourage teammates.
  • Have fun.


I will:

  • Control my temper and my teammates’ tempers, not fight with others, and not use bad language.
  • Be fair to others and not taunt other teams or players.
  • Not cheat, lie or fake injuries.
  • Keep a positive attitude.


I will:

  • Respect my coaches by attending practice on time, participating in all activities, paying attention and trying my hardest at all times.
  • Dress appropriately for games and competition, bring and keep track of the proper equipment for my sport.
  • Appreciate the efforts of my teammates and coaches, communicate and ask questions.


I will:

  • Not smoke, drink alcohol or use illegal drugs at Special Olympics events, training and competitions.
  • Respect others’ privacy and boundaries, i.e.; no flirting, or using inappropriate words or behavior.
  • Always stay with my team at Special Olympics events, training and competition or let my coach know my whereabouts.

Practice good hygiene, eat well, get the proper amount of sleep and make sure I have the proper medications, take my medications or get help and alert my coach to any changes.