There is a lot to this one. Approximately two weeks after agreeing to write media content for the John Farmer de la Torre campaign, there was a meeting with John, Dan DeCarlo, Elizabeth Dudesh-Buskirk and myself during which we discussed the campaign and what the next moves should be. John then mentioned a problem, which was that a volunteer had used a card improperly and had used campaign funds improperly. He then stated his intent to not report it to the Federal Election Commission against our advice. Elizabeth and I quit on the spot. She is a professor and I am a journalist. We would not risk our reputations on fraudulent reports, or by associating with a candidate that would file them.

John filed them as legitimate expenses for travel. So why did he and a staff member threaten and harass a young woman to get it back? If the money was correctly expensed, why try to reclaim it? Why be so nasty about it and go to such lengths to collect? What would they have done with the money if it had been returned?

You will have to ask John yourself if you want to know, he did not answer the question when asked. And he was asked several times.

Here is the text from my final Facebook post on the matter. You can click here to read it or view the attached screenshots.

My closing argument and all the things I never said, because I didn't want it to get lost in the middle of things. Let me wrap up on JFDLT.

Remember the young woman that John Farmer de la Torre and Dan de Carlo bullied about campaign funds? The ones they told me in a meeting were stolen? Just in case, I'll include them one last time.

Well, in a move of pure desperation, de Carlo contacted her again. These are double confirmed and permission given to share, in case anyone wonders whether she accepted their offer.

Can you imagine the nerve it took to ask her to come back as campaign manager? If his campaign currently has a manager, do they know they're fired? They quit so fast I can't keep track. Anyone else smell a dumpster burning?

But I want to point out a few particular bits here. I quoted John's own lies and showed the proof. I deliberately, right before the primaries (at the best possible time for him) cleared up a rumor about a possible paternity suit. I spent hours of work and when it cleared him, I still ran the truth. I didn't go to his page and start flame wars. I didn't make him lie about his education, I didn't make him say he "circumnavigated the globe solo." I didn't do anything but fact check his claims. I didn't make shady videos. Except for the one time that I explained it was secondhand but trusted information, I showed my proof every single time. I got him to confess he does not have his master's degree after collecting multiple instances where he lied online, or as we journalists like to say, on the record.

All he ever had to do was cop to it and stop lying and I'd have been out of material. But he is incapable. His anxiety is not my fault.

When Elizabeth Dudash-Buskirk and I quit John's campaign, she said she wanted to put her work into a viable candidate. She, like many who left the JFDLT disaster, went to work for the Jamie Schoolcraft campaign.

That's it. No conspiracy. I was home sick almost the entire time, in a sugar fog. I was so sick I couldn't stand on my feet. I was weak because some days all I can keep down is a McBiscuit. My closest friends can vouch for this. So does losing 30 lbs.

This campaign goes through managers like there is a revolving door. It's coming off the rails, kids.

Look at the guilt piled on here, guys. The conspiracy, in its 200th reincarnation. The blame for everyone but the one who told the lies. The manipulation, the "we covered for you" calling in a favor. The "don't share this with one of the people I'm lying about" part. And last but not least, instructions on how she could come crawling back.

But most important of all, the admission these were legit travel expenses. Why threaten her to recover those funds, then? This young woman never stole money from the campaign, but she was intimidated for a few hundred bucks. I knew it all along, but I wanted to hear THEM say it. Her innocence was the last thing I wanted to impart, because as you can see they put her through hell.

They told us it was stolen, hoping we would attack her and add pressure. We surprised them by quitting rather than participate in a cover up or this level of behavior.

If this doesn't reach someone, nothing will.

I rest my fucking case.

There is also question about a loan he never repaid, but you can read more about that on the Shenanigans page.