The Harassment (NEW!)

Update 10/3/2021

John created an account and made exactly one post, with the same complaints as below. The spelling an grammar... well, it needed work. I pointed this out to John with my usual subtle humor, and he had a meltdown. After an excuse (because he always leads with an excuse) he had the following to say about me. The poor boy really can't keep my name out of his mouth. He also has feelings about the fact that members of the Missouri House of Representatives follow me on social media, as if it's his place to concern himself with such things.

With no further ado, the ravings of a brittle ego:

After nearly three years during which I have been helping my neighbors, Tindle has not moved beyond her promotion of lies sourced from failed professionals, substance abusers, and conspiracy promoters including a Sandy Hook denier. When Bon Tindle speaks, you are hearing from the liberal Q-Anon wing of the party. The fact Tindle is followed by tax payer funded Democratic legislative staff in the Missouri House of Representatives and progressive Democrats who often espouse support for minorities and immigrants like me from the working class, represents a form of hypocrisy and moral rot equivalent to any that is symptomatic of corruption on the American political far right

Keep it up, buddy. It's a good look on you, really. You don't come off as the least bit deranged, honest.

Hell hath no fury like a mediocre man scorned.

Not content with his full display of showing his ass so far, John has now resorted to approaching women in public, harassing them, threatening them with retaliation. Her offense? Commenting on social media about this very site, "very excited." I had promised to collect his words and post them in one place.

In case the embedded video below fails, you can follow a direct link to the audio here. That way you can hear his words for yourself, and the aggression in his voice and her audible discomfort. He's proud of himself for doing this. This clueless sad sack of shit really thinks everyone but him is to blame for his bad reputation and defeat. These are the leadership qualities he embraces and the behavior he brags about. I do have a friendly relationship with more than one politician, and it's because they've seen me work and fight for people for no reason other than the principle. And now you know what they see from John. For what it's worth, I have met with and interviewed Rep. Crystal Quade multiple times, but I have not met Hannah (at least that I can recall, it's completely possible we overlapped at an event).

Please allow me to clear some shit up, because John is just flat out incapable of telling the truth.

He says his kids don't appreciate Hannah's comment. He says I'm "coming for his family" when Hannah calls out his problematic behavior. I don't know his family, nor do I "go after" children. His melodrama crosses the line into outright lies.

He argues with men, but the only people I can name that he has lashed out at have been women.

When one woman comments on his creepy behavior, he literally calls her hysterical, redefines and re-centers himself as a victim, compares his treatment to lynching and dismisses her. See screen shot below.

Let me address the screen he leaves on display for the duration of the audio.

Top left: I'm just going to say "pompous blowhards gonna blow hard" and let you try to digest that crap if you dare.

Center portion: This is my Facebook post where I disclosed that I was gathering my information about John Farmer de la Torre and publishing it in one place. You see Hannah's reply, "very excited." That's it. That's what John calls cyber bullying and threatens her with actions that would affect her career, and the act for which he feels entitled to approach her in public and try to intimidate her by creating a scene.

Right section / lower left: These two are related. John says I used a woman as a source. I didn't. As you can clearly see, I used Facebook for the source of John's own statement. John claiming to have his master's degree is not secondhand. This woman does follow me on social media, but I do not know her personally, nor do I associate with everyone who interacts with me on my very public account. Hell, it seems even John follows me, and you know damn good and well we're not buddies. I did not share her word as evidence, I shared his. And his words are still a lie.