The Degree

He says it's not true that he has claimed to have his Master's Degree in the last paragraph of this screenshot. Let's take a look, shall we? Below is one of many denials that he was inaccurate when referring to his education.

John Farmer de la Torre did not complete his master's degree, but liked to claim that he has.

Here is a screen shot, taken from his campaign page, where it outright says he "earned his Masters Degree."

John has claimed in the past that this was a typo, an innocent mistake. That does not explain why it was on his then-current campaign page. It does not account for why he says it outright to demean a citizen who (correctly) told him an image had been edited and manipulated.

His online resume says Madeleine Albright was his academic advisor. He spelled her name incorrectly. According to Georgetown, "She is now the Michael and Virginia Mortara Endowed Distinguished Professor in the Practice of Diplomacy at the School of Foreign Service." Nowhere does it say that she performs as an academic advisor, and when asked John Farmer de la Torre refused to supply an email or evidence of any communication to corroborate his claim.

His LinkedIn implies he got his degree in 2015. An end date is assumed to be a completion date unless otherwise clarified.

And after much dodging, pearl clutching, demanding apologies for the lies told against him, they finally had to admit the truth. The Dean's name is actually Kurpius, to correct their typo. That's me, in the comment below, requesting further clarification.

Now either he isn't sure where he got his master's degree from or this was an outright misdirection when he says we claimed he didn't go to Georgetown. I'll let you decide. Kind of ironic that he demands a retraction, but okay.