Who Is John Farmer de la Torre?

Read the story of a man who fucked around and found out.  This is what happens when you go after a woman who has had enough of the foolishness and brings evidence.


The Harassment has been updated on 10/3/2021, because more hijinks took place and it's relevant to that topic.

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Who is John Farmer de la Torre?

John Farmer de la Torre ran for the House to represent Missouri's 7th Congressional District in 2018. He lost, and in fact placed behind candidate Kenneth Hatfield, who had dropped out of the race

Farmer's campaign was plagued with problems, some of which are documented on this site. 

Why did I make this site?

I am a journalist who originally volunteered to help with John Farmer de la Torre's campaign in the role of social media director. After a major ethical disagreement, I left the campaign at the same time as other key members.  I pointed out some fibs and poor behavior, and my Facebook feed became the home for people to congregate and share information.

John Farmer de la Torre likes to call me a liar.  The best thing I can do is share my evidence and collect it in one easy to find place. So that's exactly what I did.

John recently decided he wanted some attention, so he sent cease and desist letters to people who hadn't spoken his name in months. This letter demanded that I reply, yet did not give a way to respond. This site, complete with an open letter to de la Torre, serves as both an archive of the screen shots and sources as well as my formal answer to his demand for a response.  

I am tired of sharing the screenshots and feel there was no other way to reply to this petty foolishness than to lay it all out for people to see and come to their own conclusions. So I bought a website named after the hashtag I used to document his  disaster of a campaign. For things not included here (oh yes, there's more) you can search Facebook for #WhoIsJohnFarmerdelaTorre and read commentary from other citizens in context.