About Us

Wassabaastekw: a clear water river, on Abenaki unceded territory

Who We Are -

The White River NRCD is one of the 14 Natural Resources Conservation Districts (NRCD) in Vermont, established in 1939 under the Soil Conservation Act. Our original mission was to help farms combat soil erosion, but we have since grown to assist all landowners and land stewards improve their environmental stewardship through the implementation of conservation practices and environmental education.

We are overseen by a publicly elected board of supervisors who are residents of our District. If you are interested in becoming a board member, Click Here.

We are primarily funded through state and regional conservation grants. Under our primary grant agreement with the state Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets, the Agricultural Water Quality Incentives Program (AgCWIP), we preform outreach with our District's landowners and land stewards to understand their needs and assist them with Required Agricultural Practices (RAP) compliance.

What We Do

We provide environmental education, outreach, and support for landowners and land managers in Vermont's Orange and Windsor counties (see map below for our district's boundary).

Some of our projects include:

  • Assisting farmers with best management practices to protect water quality

  • Riparian Buffer Plantings

  • Lake Wise certification for homeowners

  • Water Quality Sampling and Education

  • Public Education

  • Learn more about our Services

Who We Serve

We provide all of our services to farmers and landowners within our district's boundaries. We have partnered with the Ottaqueechee NRCD to provide agricultural assistance to farmers in their district. If you are not a farmer and you reside within the Ottaqueechee district (most of Windsor county) please contact the Ottaqueechee NRCD for assistance at onrcd1@gmail.com

White River District Boundaries