Wetland Restoration

What is a Wetland?

Wetlands are land that is typically saturated or covered in water. Wetlands are home to many unique species of plants and animals such as beavers, herons, turtles, and cattails. The state of Vermont uses an evaluation form (pictured right) in order to determine if an area merits protection based on its values and functions. For more information on the value of wetlands, follow this link to the Department of Environmental Conservation's page about wetlands.

wetland evaluation form.pdf

How to Find a Wetland

Wetlands provide great educational and recreational opportunities. If you would like to find a wetland near you, click here to use the Agency of Natural Resources Atlas. Just click on the layers tab on the bottom left and select the the wetlands layer.

Wetland Regulations

Wetlands are valuable natural resources that are protected by state law. The Vermont Wetlands Program is responsible for identifying and protecting wetlands and the functions and values that the provide. On January 21, 2020, the state of Vermont enacted a new set of regulations pertaining to wetlands. For more information on the specific rules, click here.

Wetland Restoration

Before the creation of environmental regulations, many wetlands were converted into farm fields, blocked by roads roads, or drained. Our district is working closely with the Agency of Natural Resources in order to restore areas that were once naturally occurring wetlands.

There are a number of different wetland restoration programs that may fit with your current land use goals. To schedule a site visit and learn more about wetlands, contact us at WhiteRiverNRCD@gmail.com or by phone at (802) 369-3167