Board of Supervisors

Open Position

Interested in becoming a Supervisor? We have two vacant seats on our board. If you meet the qualifications listed above, please contact the District. Supervisors serve 5 year terms, meet monthly, and receive a $25 stipend per meeting.

From left to right: Alvina Harvey (Chair), Larry Allen (Vice Chair), Janet Angell (retired), Larry Martin (Supervisor), Jennifer Byrne (District Manager)

Not Pictured: Niko Horster (Treasurer)

Meet Our Board

Each Conservation District is governed by a Board of Supervisors that is made up of landowners who reside within the District. There are five elected or appointed supervisors per District, each serving a five-year term. By statute, a supervisor must meet the following minimum requirements: reside within the boundaries of the District, be, by training and or experience, qualified to perform the services required of them, and may not be an employee of the federal government.

The Supervisors' responsibilities include: developing and supporting the District's mission, guiding program priorities based on local natural resource needs, working with the staff and providing financial oversight.

COVID-19 Update

Please join us for a monthly meeting with the Board of Supervisors. Due to the current Stay Home orders in Vermont all meetings are held virtually. All meetings are open to the public. Please contact us for information about joining a meeting.

If you would like a copy of the agenda or past minutes please contact the office.

Alvina Harvey


Rochester VT


Vice Chair

Larry Martin


Bradford, VT

Niko Horster


Versire, VT


Interested in serving on our board? Contact for more information