The Required Agricultural Practices (RAPs) are a set of regulations that reduce the impact of agriculture on water quality. Learn more about them and how we can help you implement practices on your farm.

By joining a Farm Teams we help you to communicate between all of your agricultural service providers. Contact us to set up your farm team this year!

Nutrient Management Plans are required for all farmers of a certain size. Unsure if you meet that size? Click Here. We can help cover the cost of developing a nutrient management plan, taking soil and manure samples or help with GoCrop updates.

We rent both a Haybuster 107c No-Till drill and an ESCH

Healthy riparian buffers play an important role in protecting water quality. Learn how we can help you plant trees along waterways.

We are working with many partners to improve water quality in our District. Find out how!

The District is in the process of identifying small wetlands in fields or other abandoned areas and restoring them to their full function. Do you know what a wetland is and why they are important? Click here to learn more.

Tactical Basin Plans identify Vermont's watershed conservation priorities and form plans to address them. Learn more about your basin plan and what you can do to address conservation concerns in your watershed.