Witness Stones

West Hartford

Project Directors Dr. Tracey Wilson, Elizabeth Devine, Denise deMello

The WITNESS STONES PROJECT seeks to honor the humanity and contributions of the enslaved people who, in part, built this community.

How can we remember slavery and freedom in West Hartford?

How did enslaved people retain their humanity and resist slavery?

How did slaveholders dehumanize the people they enslaved?

How did slaveholders profit from the people they enslaved?

What role did government/business/church play in maintaining and dismantling slavery?

Who had the power?

"Slavery is the landscape that you learn to see.”

Anne Farrow, author, The Logbooks: Connecticut’s Slave Ships and Human Memory

Participating Schools - King Philip , Sedgwick, and Bristow Middle School , Kingswood Oxford and Solomon Schechter

Grateful to our Sponsors

Sandy and Arnold Chase Family Foundation

For more information contact : Dr. Tracey Wilson WH Town Historian traceymwilson@gmail.com