Public Deliverables


D1.1 ooperating and Reporting infrastructure accepted M6

D1.2 Project Guidelines Manual and Quality Assurance Procedures accepted M6

Theoretical Background

D2.1 State of the art analysis accepted M6

D2.2 Stakeholder requirements backlog accepted M6

D2.3.1 Pedagogical and diagnostic framework accepted M6

D2.3.2 Pedagogical and Diagnostic Framework Revision 2 submitted M30

D2.4 Guidance and assessment tutorial: Inquiry Guidance and Assessment Tutorial accepted M18

Technical System Components and Documentation

D3.1 Inquiry workflow engine accepted M12

D3.2 Mashup environments accepted M18

D3.3 User Management and Badge System accepted M24

D3.4 Integrated Inquiry Workflow Engine submitted M36

D4.1 Personal inquiry manager accepted M12

D4.2 Mobile Notification System accepted M18

D4.3 Mobile Data Collection System accepted M24

D4.4 Mobile Inquiry Coordination Client accepted M24

D4.5 Integrated Mobile Inquiry Technologies submitted M36

D5.1 Diagnostic instrument accepted M12

D5.2 Inquiry performance analytics accepted M12

D5.3 Contextual Inquiry Reflection Tools accepted M18

D5.4 Inquiry Collaboration Tools accepted M24

D5.5 Integrated Collaboration and Reflection Technologies submitted M36

Pilot Planning and Evaluation

D6.1 Detailed pilot planning accepted M12

D6.2 Integrated Piloting Setups accepted M24

D6.3 Report on Continuous Stakeholder Events submitted M36

D7.1 Evaluation framework accepted M12

D7.2 Formative Evaluation Report accepted M24

D7.3 Summative Evaluation Report submitted M36

Dissemination and Exploitation Work

D8.2.1 Dissemination and exploitation plan accepted M12

D8.2.2 Year 2 Update Dissemination and Exploitation Plan accepted M24

D8.2.3 Year 3 Update Dissemination and Exploitation Plan submitted M36