Kids in Tafo village


WAVO’s mission is to improve the lives of West Africans, primarily those living in poverty. We've partnered with a fantastic, grass-roots organization named UVO in Kwahu-Tafo, Ghana to provide opportunities for international volunteers.

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Boys outside of the hostel

Why Volunteer?

"We need more people to visit Africa to see the progress but also to see how much needs to be done." - Bill Gates, 2019 

Why Donate?

A little goes a long way. The cost of food for one child in Ghana is about $20 USD per month. School fees are expensive for local people but a bargain compared with school tuition in America.

Course tuition and books for a college student in Ghana are around only $500 USD. For elementary students, this is closer to $50 USD for the year. Any donation amount therefore covers a lot of need.

Words from the Boys

Collins Frimpong

(College graduation photo)

Collins is one of 6 students that UVO has supported onto University over the previous five years. Attending university in this part of the world is expensive and a privilege very few gain. This is an incredible achievement for us – that we have supported children that would never have had this chance.

He writes:

My name is Collins Frimpong and I have been with the project for more than a decade. I joined with the motive to play football alone but through proper initiatives which was laid down by the executives of the project, they were able to assist me through out my high school program and my university as well and now holding a Bachelor Degree In Administration which was funded in large part through the project. 

Am praying that one day I will be able to fill the shoe of our executives when they retire so that I can help continue the good work of the Organization. 

There has been spoken many challenges I encountered throughout the time I spent there and the major one is when volunteers stop visiting the project it's made things very complicated in the sense that they do support the organization to pay our fees and provide us with training kits so if we were not getting such assistance from them again, it's was very challenging. 

There are so many favorites moments that I have encountered since I joined the organization but my favorite among them all is when we won the Coca Cola Under 17 tournament at the Eastern Region in 2010.

Raphael Dwamena

(With Ghana Black Stars team, top row, third from left)

In a footballing sense, Raphael is really the superstar of UVOs academy, making a living in the top leagues of Europe (currently Spain) and we are so very proud of him. He has not forgotten the efforts we made to support him as a boy and young man and now he supports the academy in terms of equipment and advice for our boys.

We have multiple other children that have gone on to have a career in football, coaching or fitness management.

Raphael writes:

I've been with UVO for 6-7 years. UVO gave me a lot of teachings as a young player and a person, words of encouragement. As a young boy, I never knew Christ but through UVO, the Lord allowed me to learn more about Him; which today has really helped me grow as a young man.

Feeding was a problem for us since we didn't have a lot of support from outside. The management always gave us the best and that's been an encouragement for me. They're seeking not their own personal desires but the best for the players. I would like to support the organisation and give the rest of the young kids the best they could have.

My highlight was winning the coca cola tournament and sharing great moments with Volunteers.