Waterloo Youth Sports Organization

Waterloo, WI


Next WYSO Board Meeting: Sunday, June 13 2021 ​(agenda)

COVID-19 Updates

Throughout any WYSO activity, if your child is not feeling well or has any symptoms related to COVID-19 please do not let your child participate in WYSO activities.

WYSO has adopted the following regarding COVID-19:

1. WYSO will be requiring facemasks to be worn at all times for all winter sports

2. WYSO will suspend or cancel all activities, home or away, during any school closures due to COVID that occur within the associated school. Any deviations from this policy are subject to WYSO Board of Director approval.

3. WYSO participants (children, adult helpers, or coaches) can’t participate in WYSO activities (practices, scrimmage, games) while under a COVID quarantine or isolation

WYSO Uses Active LeagueOne for Online Signups.

You will need to set up an account the first time you register.