Networks have powerful potential to expand your reach and strengthen your communities. They provide opportunities to learn from others, share resources and build a coordinated statewide movement. What exactly this regional network will look like is up to you.  During this process we will learn from other gleaning networks, about possibilities and benefits of different options. The group will decide what they want to form then working with HAH and AGO we will secure funding for the future network. Along the way we will start collaborating on projects, receive valuable coaching to increase your organization's capacity from leading experts in the field, and receive training on network thinking that will help every aspect of your work. 

Upcoming Events:

Thursday June 13, 2024 @ 11 am PT 

    The AGO 2024 Symposium was a wonderful event, full to the brim of activity. In fact, there was so much that one person couldn’t catch it all unless they could be in two places at once! So let's get together for a conversation about the event and discuss what our key takeaways were, what we learned, what inspired us and so on. This will be a great way for folks who were unable to attend to fill in, as well as an opportunity to think through what the next steps for this network may be, based on what we saw and learned at the Symposium. 

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