Lake Champlain Navy Memorial, site of the March 15, 2022 Welcoming event for our USS VERMONT sailors

Vermonters Weekend began with a VIP Tour on Friday June 2nd that included the escape and fire suppression trainers and a tour of Big Sugar followed by a reception and dinner at Filomena's in Waterford CT.  

USS VERMONT Sponsor Gloria Valdez spoke at the Reception and inspired the audience with her commitment to support the USS VERMONT crew and families

VSG's Gary Frymire chats with subase Chaplain Ken Bomberger at the dinner where attendees took home Commissioning glasses and programs for mementos of the day

Subron 4 Commander Captain Jason Grizzle and USS VERMONT Commander Michael Lilleberg shared memories of their previous tours together

FRG President Ashley Alkema, VP Amaney Eakes, and candidate Sara Johnson and their spouses enjoy themselves at the VIP dinner

VSG members and parents of USS VERMONT Lt JG Kyle, the Leonards, George and Linda, traveled from Florida to join us at the VIP events

We were joined  for the tour and  at dinner by Ascutney Vermonter CSSSR Ojurongbe Jr., a BESS student at the subase

USSVI Green Mountain Base Commander Bill Mattoon and wife Linda were in attendance and helped us with logistics throughout the weekend

Several Vermont Maple plaques and tables on board were made by the Rainville family at Maple Landmark.  We're glad Mike and Adam Rainville were able to join us to see their handiwork on board the boat

Agrimark/Cabot Creamery has always been supportive of our crew and are an important part of our Sunshine Bags welcoming new crew members to Big Sugar. We were honored to have President / CEO /  and former submariner Dave Lynn and wife Elizabeth with us for the VIP events

We hosted several submarine track cadets from Norwich University who took advantage of the crew members presence to learn about their future

COB Alex Antrim, already dressed for Hawaii, enjoys the Happy Hour before dinner at the reception

Mike Buscetto and the team at Filomena's in Waterford CT made the reception and dinner memorable.  We recommend them

We're eagerly awaiting images taken by the crew  during the tours to post photos from June 3rd and 4th of Vermonters Weekend.  We'll be patient as they're USN vetted to ensure no sensitive content before sharing

The VSG held a Press Conference in the Cedar Creek Room at the State House on USS VERMONT Day, April 18th, 2023. We reintroduced the VSG, presented a video about the USS VERMONT, were pleased to have a variety of speakers in support of the USS VERMONT and the VSG, and closed with an update on the Vermonters Weekend. 
The May dates presented at the event for tours of the USS VERMONT are no longer viable and will be updated when guidance from the Navy is received.

Big Sugar Visits the Cats!  Our Triad were among the USS VERMONT contingent at the UVM/Yale game in New Haven on November 22nd.  With the stands empty, even the cheers from our submariners weren't enough to carry the Catamounts to victory after a solid first half.  The high point of the evening was the interview by Brian McLaughlin, Voice of the Cats, with LCDR Joshua Ludwig.  Even in a loss, we were glad to make some new connections between Vermont's top university and our namesake sailors who enjoy seeing a UVM jersey under plexiglass on a table in the Catamount Tavern.

The USS VERMONT Support Group was represented at the 2022 Naval Submarine League Symposium in Crystal City VA this week.  Sponsor Gloria Valdez and Gary Frymire representing the VSG had the good fortune of a visit from the Perry brothers, Ken, Admiral, USN (Ret.), and Douglas, Admiral, USN in the CNO's office. Thanks to Gloria, we had more brass than a marching band stop by this year and just about all of them shared remembrances about working with her at some point during her 32 year career. 

Our exhibit at the NSL Symposium on the left.  Note the maple leaf syrup bottles on the right for our drawing.  We were honored with a visit by the Taiwanese Navy contingent.  They were pleased to see our SSN-792 hull number as one of their 4 submarines is the ROCS Hai Bao (seal) SS-792 built in the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard commissioned in 1946 as the USS Tusk.  Pictured with Gloria Valdez and Gary Frymire is Admiral Yhi-Wen Wey  of Taiwan's submarine force.

In remembrance of those who perished on 11 September,  2001, our crew displayed their "Flag of Honor" on board the USS VERMONT today. The flag was donated by Vermont's Matt Paul, and presented to the Commander of the USS VERMONT at the Commemorative Commissioning Ceremony on 28 August, 2021.

CDR Michael A Lilleberg (left) relieves CDR Charles W Phillips III (right) of the Command of the USS VERMONT (SSN 792).  CAPT John W. Stafford, Commander of Submarine Readiness Squadron 32 presides over the ceremony. Vermont's own RADM Douglas Perry, keynote speaker representing the CNO, looks on.


Click on the image above to listen to the 21-July Command Briefing featuring the USS VERMONT Triad and introducing VERMONT's PCO CDR Michael Lilleberg

Thanks to the persistence of original Lake Champlain Navy Memorial Committee Members Dennis Malloy and James Austin, the Honors and Tradition Marker at the LCNM now includes the USS VERMONT (SSN 792).  For pictures and to learn more about the marker, click the link below

17 USS VERMONT SSN 792 Submariners will be joining the VSG at several venues in Vermont to participate in July 4th celebrations.  Thanks to VSG Member Pat McDonald for producing a Public Service Announcement alerting Vermonters to the upcoming visit.  Check it out by clicking the button below.

Happy USS VERMONT day, and the second anniversary of the Commissioning of the USS VERMONT SSN 792.  Granted the Governor's proclamation was for 2021, but no reason we can't re-use it each year on the anniversary.  Vermonters are glad to extend thanks to all of our current and alumni submariners for their outstanding service.  Stay well, and VERMONT Strong! 

Here's the Resolution read in the General Assembly in Honor of the USS VERMONT (SSN 792) on Wednesday, March 16, 2022.

The USS VERMONT (SSN 792) Namesake Visit by 3 Officers and 10 crew members to  the State of  Vermont was held from March 15th thru 17th at variety of venues around Vermont.  Images below are presented by day so you'll be able to ride along with the USS VERMONT Support Group to see the stops along a memorable 3 day journey.  Enjoy!

(Note:  Use the left arrow button on the image carousel to see events in chronological order

Namesake Visit Day 1, March 15th, 2022

Namesake Visit Day 2, March 16, 2022

Namesake Visit Day 3, March 17, 2022

Click the image above to view the Welcoming event video provided by Pat McDonald 

To those of you who were unable to attend the USS VERMONT SSN 792 Command Briefing on December 17th, the replay is now available below by clicking on the arrow.  If you know a fellow Vermonter that would enjoy learning about our namesake fast attack submarine and crew's achievements, be sure to send them to the Events page on  Thanks for your continuing interest in the USS VERMONT.

12-17-21 Command Briefing Replay.mp4

Lt. Governor Molly Gray at the Lake Monster game sporting her USS VERMONT ball cap

Molly showing great form for the first strike of the game

Molly with Olympian Elle Purrier St. Pierre at the game, two of Vermont's finest!

August 4th VCC and VSG Meeting at the Pavilion in Montpelier, the final meeting before the August 28th Commemorative Commissioning event at the Naval Submarine Base New London in Groton, CT.  The meeting was covered by WCAX's Lance Mackenzie.  We were fortunate to have Lieutenant Governor Molly Gray and Chief of Staff Hazel Brewster join us for some well wishes and inspirational remarks to the team.

Molly joined the attendees for a group photo wearing her new USS VERMONT SSN 792 ball cap.   Picture courtesy of Hazel Brewster!

We were surprised later in the meeting when Governor Phil Scott was able to join us for an update on the proceedings.  We thanked him for that excellent interview at Thunder Road wearing his USS VERMONT ball cap, and for his support of our mission to ensure a memorable Commissioning ceremony.  We'll count on his continuing support of the USS VERMONT SSN 792, her crew and families for many years to come.

USSVI Green Mountain Base Submarine Vets held their annual picnic at Silver Lake State Park in Barnard Vermont on July 24th.  Several VCC and VSG members were in attendance and took part in a presentation from the USS VERMONT Support Group.

Governor Phil Scott displays his Honorary Plank Owner Plaque and a USS VERMONT ball cap presented by the VERMONT (SSN-792) Commissioning Committee.  The Plaque was in appreciation for his ongoing support of the VCC and VSG, and the ball cap was embroidered with both his name and the #14 reflecting his ACT Tour race car.

Please join us for a Briefing on Submarine Operations in the Pacific on May 20th at 2:30 p.m.  This Zoom Briefing, hosted by the USS VERMONT Support Group, features Vermont native and Commander, Submarine Group 9, RADM UH Douglas Perry.  To receive an invitation to the briefing, send an email to  RADM UH Perry's bio follows:

Gifts from the VERMONT SSN 792 Commissioning Committee and Donations from the USS VERMONT Support Group were presented to the Command of the USS VERMONT SSN 792 at the Naval Submarine Base New London in Groton, CT on March 22, 2021

The Vermont House of Representatives Resolution honoring the Vermont (SSN 792), it's PCU and the VCC was presented to CDR Charles W. Phillips III, Commanding Officer of the USS VERMONT by VCC Gifts Chair Gary Frymire.

Gifts from Governor Phil Scott and the State of Vermont DMV of SSN 792 license plates for the Ward Room and the Catamount Lounge were delivered to Executive Officer Joshua Ludwig and CDR Phillips.  You could see the smiles under the masks when they saw them.

USS VERMONT crew members gathered around for a long awaited introduction to the VCC's unique gift to the boat, our Sub-in-a-Jug.  They laughed at the presenter's cotton gloves, but the oohs and aahs came shortly after.

Inspiration for the Sub-in-a-Jug came from COB James Brownson, who was rightly the recipient of the gift.  It will reside in a place of honor on board the USS VERMONT SSN 792, and likely filled with other than the Lake Champlain water it held upon delivery at some point in the future.

  The VCC presented our unique gift to the Command of the USS VERMONT SSN 792, the Sub-in-a-Jug, created by Vermont artists Jeff White, Eron Ziel, and Tyler Schnabel.  Note the dolphins etched on the cap, the Mount Mansfield skyline sandblasted on the jug behind the glass sub, and Vermont's "Freedom & Unity" motto below the window.

XO Ludwig, COB Brownson with the Sub-in-a-Jug, and CDR Phillips posed with the latest addition to the boat's mementos from the VCC, with the brow banner in the background.  We were proud to have it on board for the USS VERMONT's next exercise and look forward to press releases from the Navy on their mission.  Hooyah VERMONT!  Any guesses which state the XO hails from?

CDR Phillips stepped away from preparations for the next underway to give VSG President Gary Frymire a top-side tour of the USS VERMONT.    It was a long awaited opportunity to be up close and personal with Big Sugar.  Also very educational as the CO explained visible issues that would be resolved during PSA.  A few nicks and some rust this time of year just seemed right for our namesake boat!  Upon departure, the VERMONT's XO and chef relieved us of hot sauce, spicy mustards, and compotes & jellies that'll add more tastes of Vermont to the mission.

 The quiet passage in early February down the Thames River past the New London Harbor Light House got a lot rougher as the USS VERMONT SSN 792 entered the Long Island Sound and continued past the New London Ledge Light House.   Hooyah VERMONT!

VCC Member Bill Mattoon presented an Honorary Plank Owner certificate to Senior Chief Charles Northcott at the U.S. Coast Guard Station Burlington on January 11th 2020 in recognition of their support with our "14 Gallons of Lake Champlain Water" project during the float-off of the USS VERMONT (SSN 792).

Additional pictures of the USS VERMONT (SSN 792)'s recent return to sea follow.  It was a crystal clear day which only serves to make Philip Medbery's pictures even better.  Enjoy!


The Virginia-class submarine USS Vermont (SSN 792) makes her way up the Thames River and past Fort Trumble and the Coast Guard Cutter Borque Eagle as she returns home to Submarine Base New London on Thursday, December 24, 2020. The nineteenth and newest Virginia-class submarine she is the third U.S. Navy ship to be named for the Green Mountain State. (U.S. Navy Photo by John Narewski/Released) 

The Virginia-class fast-attack submarine USS VERMONT (SSN 792) conducted a brief stop for logistics in Rio de Janeiro. U.S. Ambassador to Brazil Todd Chapman hosted President Jair Bolsonaro, accompanied by Vice Adm. Daryl Caudle, U.S. Submarine Forces, and other Brazilian dignitaries for a key leader engagement on the VERMONT, reaffirming the strong history of military collaboration between the United States and Brazil in the U.S. Naval Forces Southern Command & US 4th Fleet area of operations.  Gifts were exchanged to celebrate this historic moment in the USS VERMONT's service. 

The USS VERMONT (SSN 792) makes a port call at the  Itaguai Naval Base in Rio de Janeiro Brazil after joint exercises with the Brazilian Navy.

VADM Daryl Caudle escorts Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro to the brow for a tour of the VERMONT with COB James Brownson in the receiving line.

The procession pauses for a PR shot as the tour of the USS VERMONT (SSN 792) by our close allies from Brazil commences.

USS VERMONT's Captain Charles Phillips and Vice Admiral Caudle, Commander, U.S. Submariner Forces, pause for a picture with Brazil President Bolsonaro

President Bolsonaro addresses the crew in the Catamount Lounge on board the USS VERMONT.

President Bolsonaro tries his hand with the x-Box controller, perhaps to articulate the photonic mast.

 CDR Phillips presented a plaque to Admiral Ilques Barbosa Junior, Commander of the Brazilian Navy to commemorate the exchange.

Commander Phillips  reached out to the VCC in early November for a Vermont gift that he could present to a "foreign head of state" during the upcoming deployment.  A glass maple leaf syrup decanter from Morse Farm was chosen with the VCC's logo and message attached.  It will have travelled over 5,000 miles before being presented.

Above and below, the USS VERMONT (SSN 792) transits the Thames River from Naval Submarine Base New London on November 21st en route to their first deployment. 
The VCC and VSG send prayers to the families in these difficult times, and to the crew for a successful mission and safe return.

With Governor Phil Scott's support, Vermont Representative Ken Goslant along with Campaign Manager Nugget presented 3 boxes of Darn Tough Socks for the crew of the USS VERMONT to VCC Chair Debra Martin and Gifts Chair Gary Frymire at Cabot Hosiery's site in Northfield VT on October 30th.

Debra presented Ken a VCC challenge coin in appreciation of the donation.  Darn Tough Tactical socks look great!

VCC Presents On-Board Plaques to the USS VERMONT

Chief of the Boat James Brownson removed his mask briefly for a picture accepting  the on-board Plank Owner and Honorary Plank Owner plaques from the VCC on Monday, October 5th, at the Sub Base in Groton, CT.

 The Plaques produced by Maple Landmark in Middlebury VT honor the Plank Owners, sailors assigned to the USS VERMONT as of the April 18th Commissioning, and the Honorary Plank Owners who rotated out prior to the date of Commissioning.  At the top center of the Vermont hard maple plaques are the Ship's Crest coin, the Sponsor's coin on the right provided by Gloria Valdez, and the VCC's coin on the left mounted with the State Seal of Vermont side of the coin outward to ensure Freedom & Unity was featured.  The plaques will be mounted on-board the USS VERMONT where they'll reside for the life of the boat.

VCC Gifts Chair Gary Frymire presented Mike Rainville an Honorary Plank Owner plaque for Maple Landmark's outstanding support of the VCC and the USS VERMONT while picking up the on-board plaques.

Pictures from the USS VERMONT's return to Naval Submarine Base New London on September 6th

Courtesy R. L. Moore

Debra and Steve Martin displaying their Honorary Plank Owner plaque presented August 29th by the Committee

VCC's Lucas Herring presented an Honorary Plank Owner plaque to American Legion Vermont  Commander Ron LaRose on September 2nd in recognition of their support

The VCC held our first in-person meeting since the COVID-19 restrictions were put in place, in Waterbury on August 29th.  Chair Debra and Vice-Chair Steve Martin led the proceedings.  Some of the remaining gifts to be presented to the boat were on display, and spouses were included as lunch was provided, and mementos were distributed to the members in recognition of their hard work in support of the VCC's mission.



VCC's Debra and Steve Martin Deliver the BB-20 Maple Syrup Jug, Plank Owner Plaques, Prints of the Ship's Portrait, and Gift Bags to the Crew of the USS VERMONT on Friday, July 9th, in Groton, CT

Pictured above is USS VERMONT (SSN 792) Commanding Officer Charles W. Phillips III receiving his Plank Owner plaque presented by USS VERMONT Commissioning Committee (VCC) Chair Debra Martin.  Debra and Vice Chair Steve Martin delivered the plaques to the Naval Submarine Base New London in Groton, CT, to be presented to the members of the crew of the submarine VERMONT at a later date.  The plaques, shaped in the outline of Vermont and made of Vermont Hard Maple, have a piece of Barre Granite and Danby Marble along with hull steel left over from the construction of the Vermont.  Each plaque has a Ship's Crest coin at the top, and is personalized with the name of the crew member, and a unique serial number laser etched on the hull steel piece for all 138 sailors.  The plaques were designed in collaboration with the Chief of the Boat, James Brownson, and built with the contributions of several Vermont craftsmen.  Final assembly was done by Maple Landmark.  Each plaque is accompanied by a "Plaque Story" brochure explaining the design elements and introducing the Vermont Craftsmen and Companies that had a part in their construction.  The sailors will also receive a framed print of the Ship's Portrait done by Woodstock artist Neil Drevitson, along with gift bags embossed with USS VERMONT (SSN 792) on one side, and the State Motto "Freedom & Unity" on the other.  The 138 bags are filled with Vermont gifts including Maple Syrup pints and nips, a VERMONT Strong license plate, a coin from the Vermont Veterans Home and several others.

In the picture below XO Martin Roschmann and SUPPO Joseph Prikasky assume custody of the BB-20 Silver Service Maple Syrup Jug.  The "unique piece" of a 14 piece Silver Service, presented to the USS Vermont BB-20 in 1907 by then Vermont Governor Proctor, was transferred from the collection in Montpelier overseen by State Curator David Schutz to it's new home on board the USS VERMONT SSN 792 on July 9th, 2020.

VCC's Debra Martin and Rod Brigham presented Suzan Juskiewicz and daughter Mary Kathryn Juskiewicz with U.S. and Vermont flags flown over the USS VERMONT for 792 seconds in honor of Bernie Juskiewicz.  The flags were accompanied by certificates signed by CDR Phillips on behalf of a grateful crew, and other gifts from the VCC in appreciation for Bernie's many contributions to the success of our mission supporting the commissioning of the USS VERMONT.  He will always be remembered.

VCC's Susan Martin was joined by Debra  Martin at the Waterbury Flea Market on Saturday, June 20th, to sell USS VERMONT memorabilia and keep the boat and her crew in the public eye as we await details from the  Navy for when our Commissioning ceremony can be held.  Check back with the VCC on our website and FB page for updates.

Each year, the boats at the Naval Submarine Base in Groton, CT donate gifts to the Dolphin Scholarship auction to raise funds to further the education for children of submariners.  For the last two years, the VCC has helped the USS VERMONT put together a Vermont themed basket for the auction.  This year, gifts included a 4' Teddy Bear donated by Vermont Teddy Bear with the VCC logo, maple syrup from Widow Moses Sugarhouse in Berlin, and other gifts purchased from a monetary donation from the VFW Post 792, Montpelier.   The USS VERMONT reported another successful auction in 2020, and thanked the VCC for our help in coordinating the gifts from Vermont.

Commissioning Coin Sale at the Williston National Guard Armory

25-APR - USS VERMONT Commissioning coin drive-thru sale was made possible thanks to support from the National Guard.  VCC's Debra and Steve Martin presented Guard PAO  Capt. Mikel Arcovitch with a box of calendars and stickers in appreciation for the actions the guard is taking across Vermont to prep "surge" facilities, distribute food, and assist with COVID-19 testing.  

We thank them for their service.

VCC's Gary Frymire prepares for the drive-thru coin sale at the Williston Armory parking lot in support of the USS VERMONT sailors and their families.

A spring clamp on a  birch branch ensuring proper social distancing earned a thumbs up from our customers as their contributions made our fundraising a success.

Images of the VERMONT SSN 792 being moved from EB to Pier 8S at the Naval Submarine Base New London in preparation for a Crew only commissioning ceremony Saturday, April 18th at 10am.

EB's VERMONT Ship Manager, Tanner Glantz, presents  the ceremonial Ship's Key to CDR Chaz Phillips on April 17

A shout-out to Lauren Rush Alterations for producing 140 protective masks for the PCU VERMONT.  Our thanks go out to her for helping to keep our Crew safe during these perilous times.

Marking the date in 1900 when the US Navy acquired the first modern commissioned submarine, the USS Holland 

CAPT Roenke salutes CAPT Miller as he is ready to be relieved of command of the PCU VERMONT

CAPT Miller salutes CDR Phillips as he assumes command of the PCU VERMONT

CAPT Roenke displaying the Committee's gift of the PCU VERMONT "First Commanding Officer" plaque honoring his service through construction, crew readiness, and initial sea trials of SSN 792

The gift of a US Submarines book was presented to CAPT Roenke as well.  It was inscribed by Admiral Kirkland H. Donald (USN ret) with congratulations for "the completion of a superb tour in one of the hardest jobs we ask of our skippers. Not only do you build a ship, you build  a crew and a culture that sets the tone for the life of the ship." 

Following are pictures of the return of the PCU VERMONT SSN 792 from Alpha sea trials (go fast & go deep) during the week of March 15 as it transits the New London Harbor and Thames River back to EB

pictures courtesy of Philip Medbery

Images below of the PCU VERMONT SSN 792 departing for Alpha sea trials at sunrise on March 15, courtesy of Electric Boat

VCC's Rick Swinchoski and Rod Brigham back at the WOKO Flea Market at the CV Expo on February 16th

Bill Mattoon presented keynote speaker and former Governor Jim Douglas a USS VERMONT ball cap at the American Legion Winter Conference held January 24th and 25th in Burlington, VT.

VCC Gifts Chair Gary Frymire shared the stories behind our Plank Owner plaques and Chris Miller's carved USS VERMONT replica  at the annual meeting of the Vermont Wood Works Council held at the Silo Distillery in Windsor, VT on January 31st.

Submarine Vet Richard Cleary  and VCC's  Rod Brigham man the exhibit at the WOKO  Giant Flea Market

Committee member/ Sub Vet Rick Swinchoski lends his support at the Giant Flea Market at the CV Expo

VCC member Al Perry briefs Jeffrey Belotti from Hayward Tyler on the content of our exhibit at the Naval Submarine League Symposium - 2019

VCC Members Gary Frymire and Al Perry joined over Electric Boat's replica of the VERMONT by EB's Lisa Leandri Trolan

Our exhibit neighbor was Capt. Peter Welch (USN retd.), Chair of the USS Iowa Commissioning Committee

Pinch hitting for Sponsor Gloria Valdez,  M. Joan Zuanich-Bunker, Vermonter and SEA 05U Chief of Staff, Submarine/Submersible Design & Systems Engineering, joined Al and Gary to support our exhibit

Al presents Ginger Haskell, President of NOVA Navy League Council, with a USS VERMONT heritage calendar

Al congratulates  MMA2 Nathan Hutches, 2019 "Torpedoman Second Class Henry Breault Award" winner, and explains Breault's significance to the VCC

MMA2 Nathan Hutches and proud father Ron Hutches join Gary at the VCC exhibit, and receive a USS VERMONT heritage calendar

NSL's Michelle Kroeger chats with retired Captain Al Perry, and retired Admirals Ken Perry, Mike Connor, and John Padgett as the 2019 Symposium comes to a conclusion

Lina Harvey (left) and Amy White, member VCC (right) man a table at the VFW Post 790 fundraiser dinner held 10-19-19 for the VERMONT (SSN 792) 

Time to pack up our exhibit and have it shipped back to Vermont, courtesy of Hayward Tyler and Energy Steel.  Thanks to all who took the time to visit and hear about the PCU VERMONT, SSN 792, our Sponsor, the VCC and our impending Commissioning, along with images and documentation supporting Vermont as a great place to work, play, live and grow.

Steve and Debra Martin and Gary Frymire were among VCC Members promoting the USS VERMONT at the 10th Annual Bean & Brew Festival at Jay Peak

The official Tasting Glass  for the Bean & Brew Festival

Steve, Debra and Sally Choquette getting the word out and selling hats and calendars at the Jay Peak B&B Festival

A sell-out crowd enjoyed live music, craft beers,  VT coffees and seltzers and learned about next year's Commissioning of the USS VERMONT

Chair Debra Martin and husband  Steve represent the Committee at the Northfield Labor Day Parade

Reinforcements arrived from Norwich University to help deliver the Committee's message to parade-goers

The Dewey Bear made an appearance at the Champlain Valley Fair at our exhibit supported by Committee Members Gary Frymire, Rod Brigham, and Rick Swinchosky

The Dewey Bear finds a new friend at the Northfield Labor Day Parade

The PCU VERMONT was well represented at the Danville Fair by Submarine Veterans Henry Buermeyer, Rich Swinchoski, and Rod Brigham

Submarine Veterans Wayne Pickett and Bill Overgard represent the Committee at the Bondville Fair on August 23

Rich Swinchoski, Green Mountain Submarine Vets  and Rod Brigham,  Lamoille County Field Days, Johnson, VT 

Wayne Pickett from the Green Mountain Sub Base Chapter at the Harpoon BBQ Festival 

Governor Phil Scott led the PCU VERMONT contingent at the 4th of July Parade in Montpelier

The crew of the VERMONT assembles on the stairs of the Vermont State House after the parade

Bill McMannis (right), Post Commander, American Legion Post #3  welcomes COB James Brownson of the VERMONT, CDR Rod Hodges of the MONTPELIER, and Debra Martin of the VCC to a luncheon in Montpelier

Crews of the VERMONT and MONTPELIER gather for a group photo at the luncheon on July 3rd

Hosts Debra and Steve Martin welcome crew members  of the USS Vermont & Montpelier, and supporters at the July 2nd BBQ

Governor Phil Scott (above) and Senator Patrick Leahy welcome the crews to Vermont for the 4th of July Parade in Montpelier and thank them for their service

COB James Brownson of the PCU VERMONT and CDR Rod Hodges of the USS MONTPELIER express their appreciation for the ongoing support from Vermonters

The cornhole tournament gets into full swing

On July 2nd, Burr Morse at Morse Farms explained sugaring to the crew

Crewmembers sample maple flavored popcorn

VCC Chair Debra Martin  presents the Committee's progress to the Veterans at the 2019 VFW Vermont State Convention on June 7th, hosted by Howard Plant VFW Post 782 Burlington and Jay Peak Resort and Conference Center

Submariner and Committee Member Bill Mattoon mans our display at the VFW Vermont State Convention 

Denise Bigelow, Auxiliary, and Roland Bigelow, State Jr. Vice Commander, Department of Vermont, VFW Post 793 of St Johnsbury, present a check to Debra Martin, for the USS VERMONT Commissioning and USS Montpelier Planning Committees

Beverly Terrill, President, Auxiliary, American Legion, Unit 58, St Johnsbury, presents a check to Debra Martin for the USS VERMONT Commissioning Committee

Committee member Rod Brigham and submarine veteran Rick Swinchoski at the Georgia Market getting the word out about USS VERMONT 

Member Rod Brigham and  Submarine Veteran Richard Swinchoski  represented the VERMONT (SSN 792) Commissioning Committee at the Vermont Maple Festival in St. Albans on April 27th.

Commissioning Committee members and Crewmembers of the PCU VERMONT met with the United States Submarine Veterans, Inc. - Green Mountain Base on April 25th at VFW Post 792 in Montpelier 

Vermonter Ian Blackmore addresses the audience

Chair Debra Martin explained the Committee's role to the Vets

COB James Brownson answered the Vets' questions about SSN-792

Edward J. Murphy, Club Executive Secretary, thanks Steve Martin for sharing the Committee's mission and goals with the Burlington Rotary Club in January

Sponsor Gloria Valdez and EB President Jeffrey Geiger at the Keel Authentication Ceremony in 2018

Governor Scott received a model of VERMONT (SSN 792) at the Christening Ceremoney in Groton 

PCU VERMONT (SSN 792) crew visits Montpelier, VT 

The crew participates in the 2018 July 4 Parade


Meet and greet with the Governor, ship's Sponsor and Officers, and Committee members

Meet and greet Reception on 9/27/18 at Capitol Plaza, Montpelier, VT.  Vermont Governor Phil Scott, Commander Henry Roenke, boat’s Sponsor Gloria Valdez, and COB James Brownson

Joined by Debra Martin, Chair, VERMONT (SSN 792) Commissioning Committee and husband Steve Martin

Joined also by additional members of the VERMONT (SSN 792) Commissioning Committee

Ship's Sponsor Gloria L. Valdez and Committee Member Albert Perry represent the VERMONT (SSN 792) Commissioning Committee at the Annual Symposium of the Naval Submarine League in Arlington, Virginia