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Released by Electric Boat, this 5 minute video begins with a short history of prior ships with the USS Vermont name, and gives perspective on the PCU VERMONT from crew members who'll operate it as well as EB technicians who built it.

Float our boat

MONTPELIER — A year out from launch, there is growing momentum to celebrate the commissioning of the nuclear-attack submarine USS VERMONT (SSN 792).

The Virginia-class fast-attack submarine, the third Navy vessel to bear the state’s name, is under construction at General Dynamic Electric Boat in Groton, Connecticut, and is due to be commissioned in a ceremony about this time next year.

Enter the commissioning committee of the USS VERMONT, which is comprised of 27 members from across the state. The committee has been working on organizing Vermont’s participation in the ceremony and is calling on Vermont businesses to contribute products. The group is also organizing a series of events with a “Made in Vermont” theme, before and during the commissioning of the submarine in Connecticut.

To make it all happen, there is a $250,000 fundraising goal to pay for events and commemorative memorabilia.

Events planned by the commissioning committee include: a barbecue dinner for the crew; lunch for boat sponsor Gloria Valdez, a former deputy assistant secretary of the Navy; and a reception for sponsors, donors, ship builders and VIPs. There will also be a platform breakfast before commissioning ceremony and a post-commissioning reception.

The sub’s commissioning is a golden marketing opportunity for Vermont companies to market their products, says Debra Martin, chairwoman of the commissioning committee.

“Vermont is known for its outstanding quality of products from food to lumber and wool and everything in between,” Martin says. “We want this celebration to be uniquely Vermont and for every aspect of it to resonate ‘Vermont’. That’s why we want to make sure that any Vermont business that wants to participate has the opportunity to do so.”

There are already products being developed to promote the commissioning of the submarine, including a collaboration with Vermont Teddy Bear which has designed a T-shirt for a Dewey Bear, named after Admiral George Dewey, the Montpelier-born admiral who helped win the 1898 Spanish-American War. It is already on sale through the

In appealing for funding support, Martin notes that the committee is responsible for raising money for all events associated with the commissioning ceremony while the Navy pays for the commissioning of the submarine.

To contact Debra Martin, call 802-249-0487 or email To learn more about the USS VERMONT, visit

Coverage of the USS VERMONT and an interview with Committee Member Bill Mattoon begins approximately 8 minutes into the YCQM segment.

Committee member Bill Mattoon was honored for 50 years qualified in Submarines with membership in the Holland Club of the United States Submarine Veterans, Inc.

Sponsor Gloria Valdez on hand for the floating of the VERMONT

The flooding of the dry dock begins

Groton — Electric Boat christened the Virginia-class attack submarine VERMONT (SSN 792) on Saturday. The Vermont is the 19th submarine in the class and first in the 10-boat Block IV that are designed to reduce loss of availability due to major scheduled maintenance.

The crew preparing for the July 3 Independence Day celebrations in Montpelier.

The first USS Vermont, port view, Brooklyn Navy Yard, possibly during the Spanish-American War, 1898. A former ship of the line, Vermont served as stores and receiving ship for 37 years and was struck from the Navy list in 1901 and sold the following year.

One hundred years ago, January 24th, 1919, the battleship USS Vermont steamed into port in Brest, France. Vermont has a long heritage with the United States Navy, and will proudly celebrate the submarine USS VERMONT's commissioning to active duty in 2020.

USS Vermont SSN-792 Christening Video (30 second version)

USS Vermont SSN-792 Christening Video (15 minute version)