Volo Beach Club

Our philosophy at Volo beach volleyball club is to teach fundamentals correctly in a positive environment that will foster growth and love for beach volleyball. Girls and boys 15-18 years old learn the fundamentals and learn to think for themselves. Our kids strive to not only be the best players they can but to be the best partner as well. We embrace a growth mindset culture within the club, our feedback is directed at the process, our effort, work ethic and determination. We have fun and make life long friends.

The program reinforces the fundamentals of specific beach volleyball skills and strategy as well as indoor volleyball skills. Volo Beach Volleyball Club fosters an environment where players learn to think for themselves and gain confidence. Lessons learned on the sand carry over to real life as our young players develop leadership, patience, perseverance, tolerance, humility, fairness, sportsmanship and teamwork.

BEach tryouts

Our 2019 Summer Tryouts are for male & female athletes that will train 2x a week in June and 2-3x per week in July & early August. These groups will compete in Volleyball BC tournaments and Provincials. Some teams may choose to go to Nationals and possibly a tournament in the USA.

Only the top 24-36 athletes (spread among the different age groups) who have outstanding beach volleyball skill and knowledge will be selected as we have limited spots.

14U Boys

May 11 & 12


16U Girls + 15U Boys

May 11 & 12

(15U Boys & 16U Girls


16U Boys + 15U Girls

May 18 & 19

(16U Boys 10-12pm)

(15U Girls 12-2pm)

Parents will notice the tryout dates are within the indoor club championship season. The rationale for this is to give athletes the opportunity to seek out alternate beach club programs should they not be selected to the Volo Beach Volleyball Club team.