“Greg teaches these players fundamentals. I like that! A good coach needs to begin with building a steady foundation, so that players feel confident in their skill set with each progression.” -Tim Turner (parent)

“I like coach Greg! He makes the drills fun, but also challenges me to try my very best. Even though we are in a camp with other kids, he somehow helps us all with our own personal goals. He always has great tips and advice.” -Serenity Goutier (player)

“Greg’s camps are awesome! My daughter loves them. She gets a lot of reps in and learns something new every time she attends. My kid is shy, but she always leaves the court with a smile and a new sense of security in her skills. She loves her new shirt too! Thanks, Greg!” -Carrie Smith (parent)

“Our daughter started some development training with Greg when she was 12 as she wanted to just get that extra edge on her technical skills. She is now 14 and got so much more than that! Greg has been great with our daughter especially when she is hard on herself; he has a positive way of encouraging his students and focuses on not only technical skills, but helps them with their mental game as well. He has developed a great rapport with her built on trust! He is very approachable, personable, and professional!! We highly recommend Greg as a volleyball coach!” -Kristi Benner (parent)