Vitor H. Paiva

My research focuses on marine animal ecology and conservation, particularly the study of the foraging strategies and ecological roles of seabirds and other apex predators, of wider trophic relationships in marine communities, as sentinels of environmental integrity and Human-related pressures. I gained diverse field and analytical expertise on biologging, ecosystem modelling and advanced statistics. I partition my time between scientific publishing (130 ISI papers, 2 books and 2 book chapters), lecturing (Conservation Biology, Biodiversity Conservation and Management, Coastal and Marine Ornithology, Evolutionary Biogeography and Spatial Modelling, Introduction to Marine Policy), outreach actions (e.g. FCTUC Lab @ schools) and supervising students (17 PhD, 49 MSc and 15 internships).

University of Coimbra, MARE-Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre

ECOTOP - Ecology and Conservation of Top Predators 


Twitter: @vitorhpaiva