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7 Sep - " Iranian Nuclear Program Issues"

George Hept


Basic physics / engineering behind nuclear power programs and the overlap with nuclear weapons development, with specific application to the Iranian program.

24 Aug (recorded Sep 1) - "Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy"

Larry Martin


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

  • How it works

  • Medical uses

  • the new Brownwood Facility

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9 Mar - "Why do Airplanes Fly into Hurricanes and Typhoons"

John Shewchuk


John describes the people, equipment and techniques needed to fly into hurricanes in order to make accurate hurricane weather forecasts.

4 Mar - "What the Rocks tell Us"

Jim Laurent

What the Rocks Tell us.pdf

Jim illustrates how geology exposes hidden secrets about the earth, humans and evolution.

24 Feb - " Frank Lloyd Wright Comes Alive"

Drake Shepard


In period costume, Drake describes Wright's life and architecture

10 Feb - " Encryption, Part 2"

Greg Astfalk


Greg continues from Part 1, encryption basics. Here he details public-key encryption and the mathematics embedded. He comments on quantum computing and the disruption to current encryption methodologies.

7 Feb - " The Green New Deal" - Green for Whom? "

George Erickson

Unintended Consequences 2-7-20.pdf

George talked to topics covered in his recently revised book: "Unintended Consequences". He has released a group copy to the members of our club.

27 Jan - " Advanced Innovation "

Dave May

DaveMay 1_27 Advanced Innovation Briefing no transitions.pdf

Dave describes 'Advanced Innovation' techniques. This process is known by other names: 'Knowledge-Based Innovation Engineering' and also by the Russian acronym, 'TRIZ' (Theory of Innovative Problem Solving)

13 Jan - " Encryption, Part 1"

Greg Astfalk


Greg explains reasons for using different types of encryption. He also describes the mathematics, methods for implementation and the robustness of the security provided.

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