Safety Tip 5 - Passing

Passing is probably the single most dangerous maneuver in group riding. In most cases, we will not pass cars or other “obstacles” on group rides. If the Road/Ride Captain decides to pass, he/she will increase his/her speed when passing any vehicle to provide room for the following motorcycles.

It is very difficult for a group to pass a slow moving car on a two lane road. Generally, we will not pass a car on a two lane road, particularly on local rides, unless it is going very slow. If the Road/Ride Captain decides to pass the car, each biker must decide on his/her own if it is safe for him or her. DO NOT follow the bike in front of you unless you are certain that it is safe for you too.

IMPORTANT: After passing the car, keep going. You must make room for all the bikes behind you. On a two-lane highway no more than three motorcycles should enter the passing lane at any one time. When they have passed and pulled back in, the next three riders may begin passing.

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