Safety Tip 6 - Emergencies

In the event of an emergency requiring a stop, observe the following procedures so that the emergency may be resolved in the safest manner possible. We do not want a group of motorcycles on the side of the road in an unsafe manner under any circumstance.

Problem Bike Stops – All Others Continue

If a bike or rider problem creates a stop, the rider should signal and stop in as safe a place as possible, preferably well off the road. All other bikes are to continue with the Lead Road Captain to avoid having a group of bikes on the side of the road.

Only the Tail Gunner Stops to Help.

It is the Tail gunner’s responsibility to stop and render assistance to the problem bike. The Lead Road Captain will lead the group to a safe location.


In the event of an accident, the group should work together to ensure everyone stops in a safe location. The Road Captain will assign riders to help with the accident scene as needed.

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